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Great looking skin is ‘in’

Great looking skin is ‘in’. You have one skin for life. You can’t replace it, but you can change it. And you can help yourself to look fabulous - whatever your age!

Your skincare routine can take just 2-3 minutes in the morning and 2-3 minutes in the evening. All you need are the correct products and accessories to make the task efficient, thorough, and quick to do.

Step 1 to reaching your skincare goals - Cleansing

What happens if you don’t cleanse your skin (properly)

If not kept clean. Oil, dirt, makeup, and pollution particles get ingrained in your skin & tiny hair follicles. These become blocked, forming a ‘plug’ of debris. This is the early stage of a blackhead. The top of the ‘plug’ with in the blocked follicle oxidises in the air. It turns dark in colour - and hello blackhead!

This can move to a further stage. The debris ‘festers’ and bacteria breeds, the area around the follicle becomes raised, red, and sore. White blood cells go to the area to fight the infection. These white blood cells die (this is pus), and hmm! a white head!

What happens if you do cleanse your skin properly?

Of course, you will limit the amount of blockages you see. Limiting blackheads and spots.

Just as importantly, you will prepare your skin to receive Step 2 – Skin Boost & Step 3 – Skin Defence of your regime. Your products from Step 2 & 3 will have the opportunity to work effectively. The key ingredients get to where they are designed to work within your skin. And you will get the results that you deserve, your skin will respond positively to your TLC.

Our prediction for 2021 is – Great looking skin is ‘in’.

Many of us spent the best part of 2020 wearing less makeup. This will continue throughout this year. You can’t fake, fab skin!

‘You can’t fake it. But you can make it’

Make a resolution and challenge yourself to a proper 2-week cleansing routine. See & feel the difference it makes to the clarity & texture of your skin.

I always recommend that my clients use the Essential Cleansing Milk and Essential Toning Lotion. We use these in our salon treatments, there is a reason for this. It’s the best way to get the deepest cleanse, in the gentlest way.

Use our Micro Cloths with your Essential Cleansing Milk to speed up the removal process. You can see our Application Tutorial here

On the other hand, we do understand that the type of cleansing product you choose may vary depending on your lifestyle. As well as the way you want your skin to feel after cleansing. To help you choose your perfect cleansing product. We’ve put together a guide for you here.  

View the Katherine Daniels cleansing products & application tutorials: 

Whichever cleanser you choose, its important to double cleanse at night-time. Your 1st will remove makeup & impurities - the 2nd will clean your skin. 

If you choose the traditional Essential Cleansing Milk approach you must use this with our Essential Toning Lotion. It doesn’t sting or dry your skin, quite the opposite it will hydrate and calm. It leaves your skin with a neutral pH, ready to receive active ingredients.

Go on. Take the 2 week skin cleansing challenge.

With Love