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Your final coat of skin armour

Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is your final coat of skin armour. Our award-winning SPF was created to protect your skin from more than just the sun… 

A broad-spectrum SPF, which also protects your skin from pollution in the atmosphere. As well as skin damaging blue light emitted from your smart devices.  

Our pocket-sized skin saviour protects and repairs your cells DNA during and after exposure to radiation. And if this isn’t enough benefits from a single product, you will see it’s the best make-up primer, allowing you to wear a daily SPF under your make-up, without your foundation sliding off your face by lunchtime!   

Let’s deep dive into Daily DNA Defence SPF30 and dig deeper into each of these benefits and what they mean for you and your skin. Helping you understand why this product deserves a place in your daily skincare routine.  

Broad-spectrum, photo stable protection

Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is a broad-spectrum SPF. It protects your skin from UVA, (the ageing rays) and UVB, (the burning rays). 

If your moisturiser and/or your foundation contains an SPF, it’s worth checking if your skin is protected from both the ageing and the burning rays of the sun. Most moisturisers and foundations (unless stated otherwise on the pack) will only protect your skin from burning UVB and will not protect from skin ageing UVA. I’m guessing that you follow your daily skincare regime to promote skin health and to keep your skin looking great for your age? Not protecting from UVA, goes against everything you are achieving with your products. 

Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is photo stable, which means its power doesn’t degrade in sun exposure. However, if you are pool side, do reapply every 2 hours as recommended. Water, sweat and towel drying will remove the product, leaving your skin vulnerable. 

Blue light and pollution protection 

Our pocket-sized skin hero also guards against the harmful effects of blue light and pollution in the atmosphere. But what effect do these have on your unprotected skin?  

Blue light and pollution trigger changes in your skin cells, even leading to cell death. Unprotected exposure to these will lead to hyperpigmentation and be damaging to your skin health.  Most blue light comes from smart technology, which is used daily by most of us. Pollution is all around, levels are higher in towns and cities. These levels are even higher still in the warmer months of the year.

DNA defence and repair  

During exposure to radiation your cells DNA is protected. A ‘virtual parasol’ to protect your cells. After radiation your cells naturally produce an enzyme which kick starts the repair process of your DNA. With the help of our repairing ingredients, this natural process is quickened by up to 100 times. Meaning more skin protection and less damage.  

In summary, wear Daily DNA Defence SPF30 as your final coat of skin armour each day and you can rest assured you’re doing the best to protect your skin.  

Magical make-up priming

We know that finding the perfect daily SPF texture is a challenge. We’ve been there too. We’ve seen our make-up slide off our face by lunchtime. Most SPF’s feel like a layer too many. And this is why we made our product for you. A super light veil, which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. With no oily or white residue, it's non-pore blocking and dries over your moisturiser to become the best make-up primer you’ll ever use, keeping your foundation perfectly in place all day or all night long. 

No make-up, no problem 

For our men and/or non make-up wearers, our handy pocket size product gives you the same invisible veil and matt skin finish. And skiers, golfers and cyclists will love that it slips easily into a pocket, bag or pouch. 

Daily DNA Defence SPF30