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  • Essential Toning Lotion
  • Essential Toning Lotion

Essential Toning Lotion


Soothing Alcohol-Free Formulation

Our salon strength formulation is alcohol free, enriched with soothing Pumpkin Extract and Sea Water. Your skin will feel completely clean, refreshed and comfortable.

Key ingredients:

Seaweed Extract (Red Seaweed and Blue Micro Algae)
• Anti-ageing, boosts collagen, elastin and natural
defence mechanisms
Pumpkin Extract and Sea Water
• Calming, skin strengthening, inhibits inflammation

How to use this Product

Application Tutorial

Apply 2 - 3 pumps to a cotton wool pad and gently wipe over your cleansed skin.Blot dry using a clean Katherine Daniels Micro-Cloth or a clean soft towel before applying your Katherine Daniels Step 2 - Skin Boost.  

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