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Slim down and get body beautiful quickly

We all know the basic principles of slimming down, a good diet and a little exercise- but why not give that weight-loss a boost to get things going in the right direction? Well, Katherine Daniels offers the Firming Resculpting Body Treatments to do exactly that.

The Diet Kick Start Plan

If you’re tackling the New Year with a new attitude and looking for a total body overhaul, the road ahead can seem long - but it doesn’t have to be. This treatment, including the Katherine Daniels Colonic Irrigation Massage, can help ‘kick start’ your weight loss and give you the boost you need to keep going and get the best weight and inch loss results possible.

However, If you’ve simply just over indulged over the festive period or even gone and spent it on a fabulous trip away, then you may just be wanting to fit comfortably back into your favourite outfits!

The Drop A Dress Size Plan

This plan will help you to achieve your ultimate results and inch loss of up to one dress size!

‘I did the treatment to fit back into a dress for my Dad’s wedding…it really worked and I lost a total of 3 inches’ – Sue Done

There are also a selection of fantastic home care products available to help the process:

Gentle Oil & Salt Exfolitator – It is well known that exfoliation is essential to remove dead skin cells and to help improve one’s skin appearance, but many of us don’t realise that it is actually fantastic for INSIDE our bodies too. The motion of exfoliating encourages blood circulation through the body which is holistically believed to be a huge factor in our health. It also helps to break down fatty tissues and work towards reducing the appearance of cellulite. The Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator contains a cocktail of Sea Salts from around the world with Essential Oils to give a luxurious and gentle exfoliation. It eliminates impurities and reveals revitalised and silky soft skin- plus it smells amazing!

Firming Hydrating Cream – Whilst losing weight, remember that your skin will need to be cared for. As it starts shrinking back, it will need a little help with its elasticity. This easily absorbed firming cream is formulated with Blue Micro Algae and Red Seaweed Extract to hydrate and boost collagen and Shiitake Extract to keep the skin firm. By using this cream, your skin will be left supple, toned and velvety soft.

Slimming Contouring Gel  This is an easily absorbed slimming gel. Its ultra-penetrating formulation ensures the maximum action on fat release and elimination. It contains Caffeine and Seaweed Complex to break down fatty tissues and drain water between fat cells and Laminara Digitata to encourage break down of fatty molecules. This amazing gel helps to improve the appearance of orange peel skin and to firm and tone your body contours whilst smoothing the skin.

Nourishing Hydrating Balm  After your morning shower, if you take a minute to moisturise the skin on your body, you will not only be encouraging circulation whilst massaging it in, but enjoying the sweet aromas of the smell and having beautifully soft skin as you get dressed for the day, giving you a little more spring in your step. When you feel a little better, you make better choices and the Nourishing Hydrating Balm is certainly a good choice! It’s rich, buttery texture brings comfort and immediate hydration to all skin types and it smells good enough to eat. This balm contains Brown Seaweed Osmolyte which prevents skin dehydration, and moisturising butters and oils which keep the skin nourished all day long.