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Your multi-use after sun hero

Our bestselling, award winning Miracle Cleansing Jelly just got more interesting, thanks to its true multi-tasking abilities. 

Already awarded for its ability to:

  • Remove your eye-make up 
  • Remove your face make-up 
  • Cleanse your skin 
  • A product for your whole family (but you probably won’t want to share!) 

We now add – after sun mask – to its repertoire! 

Our anti-oxidant rich jelly helps to stave off scavenger cells stimulated by UV exposure. Hydrating & nourishing plant extracts bring suppleness & comfort to sun kissed skin. Lemon balm & peppermint oils have an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce redness after sun exposure. 

This all makes the Miracle Cleansing Jelly your perfect travel companion, and your go to after sun product.  

We love products that are good for more than 1 use, or in this case a product that’s good for 5 different uses!  

We love it because we love to travel light. This 1 product can replace 4 products when you’re on the move.  

Here’s how to use your jelly as a after sun mask:

(Its so simple but we’ll tell you anyway!) 

1. On perfectly cleansed, dry skin. Apply a generous amount of Miracle Cleansing Jelly.

2. Leave to work ‘miracles’ for 10 minutes.

3. Emulsify with water, this turns it to its ‘milky’ phase.

4. Remove with a damp Micro Cloth.

5. Follow with your usual Step 2 Skin Boost and Step 3 Skin Defence products. 

Give it a go! 

With Love,
Katherine Daniels x