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Winter-Proof Your Skin

‘Switch to Rich’ and winter-proof your skin.

Reassess your skincare products ready for the winter months ahead. Now is the perfect time as the coldest months outside and the warmest months inside approach.
Review your product choices, switch to a richer version of your cream.  Introduce new benefits from your concentrate to ensure your skin gets the extra TLC it needs and deserves.

Does the cold wind and the drop in temperature play havoc with your skin?

Throw into the mix the moisture-sapping effects of your central heating and you’ve got yourself a potential problem for your skin.

A simple switch of a single product may be great for your skin.

Our Step 3 richer textures can give your skin extra TLC. Our richer creams contain all the ingredients your skin loves, plus extra nourishing ingredients to nurture when it’s vulnerable in the winter. This makes a simplest switch for you.

Or dial up the protection from beneath your cream, switch your concentrate.

Introduce a new group of key ingredients with your concentrate. This way you can treat more than one skin issue at a time, introduce multi-benefits to your skin.

For example, central heating is the ultimate moisture sapper for your skin. Boost your moisture levels with our Award-Winning Rehydrating Concentrate. You can also treat skin dryness and repair your skin barrier with our Award-Winning Dry Skin Rich Cream. You see now you’re treating skin dehydration with Rehydrating Concentrate and skin dryness with Dry Skin Rich Cream.

There are so many variations when it comes to Katherine Daniels products. Each one will bring your skin what it needs as the seasons change.

And for those of you in it for ‘the long game’ our skincare combinations will see you through every decade of your adult life. Dealing with your skin changes as they present themselves.

As we turn up the heat at home and dial down the temperature outside, here’s what’s happening to your skin.

Your skin barrier is affected first.

Without good protection, your skin barrier (the uppermost layer that keeps the ‘good stuff’ in and the ‘bad stuff’ out) may become damaged. Letting your skin’s oil and moisture escape and letting dirt and pollution particles in. This causes damage at cellular and surface levels of your skin. Dryness, dehydration and signs of sensitivity.

Fail to protect and your skin will fail to protect you.

When your skin becomes dry and is not producing its required amount of oil, it will compensate and produce its own protective barrier. This presents in the form of a dry rough layer.  This protective barrier, while protecting your skin, stops your products getting in and doing their work. This means ingredients will sit superficially on your skin’s surface, giving no result.

The Katherine Daniels solution.

SPF is the best protection from the cold.

Your final coat of skin armour… Don’t put away your SPF! Sun protection is the best weather protection. UV is still a factor during winter. Outside activity, walking, biking or even spectating in the icy temperatures and biting wind will all affect your skin barrier and call for some extra skin protection. Our Award-Winning Daily DNA Defence SPF30, will give you all the protection your skin will need, no matter if you’re pitch side or mountain side!

'Switch to Rich'

Dial up skin comfort with a richer texture. There’re no gloopy old fashion textures here at Katherine Daniels.  Just richer, more protective, to help your skin stay healthy in the winter months ahead.

Rich enough already?

Increase depleted oil levels with our Nurturing Night Balm. It’s our overnight skincare hero.  A must have when your skin becomes parched and dry during the cold winter months. A little goes a long way (your hands will thank you for some TLC too).

If you’re unsure which skincare products to use, or you need a winter skincare review, we are here to help.

Your personalised skincare advice is just a few clicks away.

If you’re not sure which products will help your skin sale through the winter months, we’re here to advise and help you choose. Our Virtual Skin Bar is available for 1-2-1 skincare consultation.

Be assured, there’s no ‘telling off’ instore for you. Just good advice from our Co-founder Donna, who has over 40 years skincare expertise. It’s the closest you’ll get to having your own skincare expert at home!

All you need is 20 minutes, a phone, tablet, or computer.

Book your Virtual Skin Bar appointment here.

With Love

Kirsti X