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Recognising and treating skin dehydration

Before we answer questions like 'Why does my skin feel dry but look oily later in the day?' Or 'Why do I have open pores and dull looking skin?' Or even, 'Why do I have underlying congestion on my skin?' And 'Why are my fine lines more noticeable now?' Let’s discover what skin dehydration really is.  

Dehydration is a condition of your skin, it’s not your genetic skin type

It happens when your skin barrier is compromised, allowing precious moisture (water) loss. Damage may be caused by using harsh products or by following a poor skincare regime. A compromised skin barrier presents on your skin's surface in many ways and a shine which you think is oiliness is just one of them. 

Your lifestyle affects hydration levels in your skin. Caffeine, alcohol, insufficient water intake, central heating, air conditioning, lack of sleep and medication all take their toll.  So does climate, which is why skin dehydration is prolific at the end of the warmest months of the year. 

Does every product you apply, cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser disappear almost on contact with your skin? This is a sign that you have skin dehydration.  

Hydrating your skin from the inside out

Your 8 glasses of water a day will benefit greatly. But your body will serve this water to your vital, internal organs before serving it to your skin. Keep drinking plenty, every drop will help all your organs, including your skin.  

Hydrating your skin from the outside in

It’s also time to treat your dehydrated skin from the outside. It’s time to introduce rehydrating products to your regime.  

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Recognising skin dehydration

Your skin feels dry but looks oily later in the day? 

Often dehydrated skin is confused for a combination skin. The combination is thought to be dry and oily skin. It’s the midday shine, the underlying congestion and open pores which will make you think this.  Usually it’s not the case. The dryness is likely to be your skin type (you probably feel this more on your cheeks) but the shine you see later in the day is likely to be your skin condition, which is dehydration (you probably see this more on your forehead, nose and chin).

Let me explain more… 

Your skin barrier is the outer most protective part of your skin. It’s slightly acidic in pH to keep bacteria under control. Its role is to keep the ‘good stuff’ in and the ‘bad stuff’ out. Damage to your skin barrier is usually from harsh products (often for oily skin types), or lack of proper care. A damaged skin barrier cannot carry out its role effectively.  

When compromised the acidic pH changes, it cannot keep the ‘bad stuff’ out as effectively. It can’t keep ‘the good stuff’ in (oil and water). You will notice that your skin secretes a light fluid, this is a mix of both vital components of your healthy skin.  

If your skin feels dry but looks oily later in the day, ask yourself this. Is the ‘secretion’ a light fluid or a thick waxy oil? If it is a light fluid then you have dehydrated skin. We need to rehydrate and get your skin barrier repaired. Get the pH of your skin back to normal and boost your normal skin function. 

You have open pores and your skin looks dull? 

Open pores are how your skin secretes the mix of oil and water. But not all open pores are from dehydration.  

Open pores on dehydrated skin: Have a look closely. Are these open pores grey in colour. Do you mistake this grey colour for a blackhead? But nothing comes out of the pore if you squeeze it? This is one way which skin dehydration presents itself. What’s more areas with many grey open pores take on a dull appearance due to the ‘sea of greyness.' Rehydrating your skin will flush the greyness from your pores. 

Open pores on oily skin: If the secretion of your skin is thick and waxy you will have open pores. It's how your skin secretes the overflow of oils. In this case you are likely to have blackheads. These will be plugs of skin debris.

Open pores on mature skin: Open pores are one of the signs of skin ageing. When your skin is in good condition you should not see the grey colour in the pore. They will just be open. 

Open pores on dry skin: Dry skin has a porcelain look. This is because the pores are small and tight. Very little oil is secreted to your skin's surface. 

You see underlying congestion on your skin? 


Underlying congestion is often problematic on dehydrated skin. The problem here is that you may want to treat the spots with harsh products which will further damage your skin barrier, strip your skin of its healthy oil content and make the problem worse. It may create a problem which would never happen, if your skin was treated correctly. 

What causes the underlying congestion? 

Stagnant toxins trapped within your cells. Without sufficient fluids to self-flush and clean. Your cells are more like a dehydrated raisin than a plump juicy grape!  The trapped toxins present as underlying congestion. The spots of congestion often develop into raised spots, if not treated correctly.  

Remember dehydrated skin is often mistaken for oily skin, leading to the use of harsh, stripping products. This damages your skin barrier more and worsens the problem.  

Your fine lines seem more noticeable now

Your skin holds moisture through every layer. Skin dehydration leaves these water reserves depleted. Because of the lack of water within your skin you’ll find that lines and wrinkles look worse. This is the look of a parched, depleted skin. Like the ground in summer which cracks when parched.  

If you don’t usually see lines on your skin but have noticed fine lines forming horizontally on your skin. Don’t panic these aren’t wrinkles. These are lines of dehydration and will easily be erased by rehydrating your skin. 

Introducing our power couple! 

Get your skin barrier intact and tackle dehydrated skin quickly, with our Rehydrating Concentrate and Rehydrating Cream. 

Rehydrating Concentrate 

For intense hydration and a pollution shield for dehydrated skin. It has a unique way of working.  
A weightless complex - it sinks into your parched skin without stickiness. It forms an invisible protective layer, like a fine gauze placed over your skin's surface. It will oxygenate and firm your skin and give you a serious hit of hydration. It repairs your skin barrier and prevents precious moisture loss. It forms the shield to protect your skin from pollution particles. 
Fortified with our moisturising complex, much like your skin’s own Amino Acid Complex. Your skin recognises it and knows what to do with it, to give an immediate hit of moisture. And then drip feeds your skin for the next 8-12 hours, for an immediate and long-term skin transformation. Find out more here.

Rehydrating Cream 

Leaves a comfortable but matte finish on your dehydrated skin.

Thanks to our hyper effective age defence formulation, we’re able to repair your skin's barrier to maintain hydration levels and deliver a serious hit of hydration to replace your skin's lost moisture. It works on underlying congestion, to flush out toxins from your stagnant dehydrated cells. Thanks to our rapid hydration and oxygenation delivery system. 
Your skin will become smooth, translucent, plump and radiant. Dull skin and underlying congestion flushed away, your skin will now be able to function youthfully. Find out more here.

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