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Summer Skincare Adjustments

Summer Skincare Adjustments

You’ve found your perfect skincare products. A lifetimes search is over, ‘your brand’ ticks every box. Everything is just the right consistency, fragrance and texture. You’ve got your regime down to a few minutes in the morning, the same in the evening. It fits your lifestyle perfectly. And most importantly, you love the results your skincare products give you.

As the seasons change, your lifestyle probably changes too. In the summer you may spend more time outside, enjoying your garden, walking in the park or countryside. Perhaps you swim or cycle as the temperature dials up.  Golf, tennis, cricket, the list is endless. 

Your summer lifestyle, the climate and environment affects your skin.

Not to mention that warmer temperatures make your skin perspire. Lighter weight products may be the answer to keep your skin in top condition, without feeling like everything is sliding off your face and compromising your results. 

Consider some seasonal adjustments to keep your skin looking sublime during the next few months. 

Can you get the same results with lighter weight products? 

I’m here to tell you that, YES! You can!

Here are some seasonal skincare adjustments for the warmest months.

Small adjustments will give BIG results. The simplest way is to switch two of your daily products: your concentrate and your treatment cream (Step 2 & 3). 

Here are some perfect combinations:

Remember you final coat of skin armour…

Our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 will give your skin its own coat of armour. A real layer of protection from UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays). It protects your skin and repairs the damage done. It does this after exposure by stimulating a repair process which occurs naturally in your skin. In fact, it stimulates this process 100 times quicker than your skin does it naturally.  More than this your skin will be protected from blue light damage (smart devices) and from pollution (both urban and rural pollution, which is at its highest during the hottest months). 

Remember the backs of your hands too!

If you need more advice on adjusting your skincare for summer, we’d love to see you at our Virtual Skin Bar. It’s your 1-2-1 personal skincare consultation with Katherine Daniels Co-founder, Donna Tait. Her career spans over 40 years of professional skincare expertise. There’s not a lot Donna doesn’t know about skin and she knows everything about Katherine Daniels products.

We would love you to join us there for a complimentary 20-minute session.

All you need is 20-minutes, a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can book your appointment here.

With love