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'Post Party' Skincare Hacks

Everything you need to know to keep your skin happy. 

Entertaining at home? Enduring the heat of the kitchen as you prep a feast for your friends and family is a probability.

Or maybe you’ve been out in town, shopping, visiting your favourite landmarks or galleries.

Or maybe a big night out with your friends is on the cards?

Whichever it is for, you’re likely to finish up exhausted, ready to relax on the sofa or fall into bed.

Why sleeping in your make-up is never a good idea (ever)!

Have you considered what’s likely to be ‘lurking’ on your skin at the end of the day or evening and why you should never sleep in your make-up or go to bed without cleansing your skin?

However you’re spending your time. Take heed, the information below should resonate with some or all of your lifestyles.

If you are in the kitchen cooking up a feast, it’s likely you’ll get hot. Perspiration contains bacteria. Naturally occurring skin oils also harbour bacteria.

Leaving both on your skin’s surface overnight will form blockages in your facial hair follicles. Blocked follicles before long lead to blackheads, which will turn into spots. Or miss the blackhead stage and wake up with a spot. (I’m not sure if this is lucky or not)!?

Everything on your skin will be transferred to your pillowcase. It will then be transferred back to your skin the next night.

This is also true if you’re out dancing the night away.

There’s likely to be more make-up on your skin than usual, especially if you ‘topped up’ during the evening. If you use a long wear foundation, it’s even more important to be thorough in your cleanse, it’s sweat and water resistant. And you know what sweat contains, yep - oil and bacteria. But now, for good measure, it’s trapped within your make-up.

Feet pounding, tiredness peaking, it’s all too tempting to head straight to bed, but think on...

Shopping, sightseeing or out in town.

Towns and cities are polluted and often dirty. Dirt and pollution particles will settle onto your skin. Your skincare and make-up will form a protective barrier to the dirt and pollution. But remember perspiration and oils will be trapped underneath this protective barrier.

You’re leaving your skin vulnerable to blockages and congestion if you don’t cleanse the day or night away before bed.

It takes little more than 2 minutes to take your make-up off

I know that when you’re exhausted it’s tempting not to bother, but your skin will thank you in the morning.

Let’s talk about the glass of wine, the cocktail, the gin and tonic.

Yes, we’re scrutinising alcohol. Not because we think you shouldn’t enjoy a drink. We do too.

Skin redness, toxins and dehydration

Alcohol will dehydrate your skin. Dehydration will leave your skin looking parched.

Alcohol can make your skin flush after the first few sips. It may even appear red in the morning.

This is due to a reaction between enzymes in your skin and the toxins in alcohol. Your skin’s microcirculation becomes dilated, which is the flushing you see. The further reaction inflames the tiny red capillaries on your cheeks and chest. Making them more visible the next morning. Our Rehydrating Concentrate is a double whammy to treat dehydration and redness. To help to ease these signs of the night before. Or our Total Skin Repair Concentrate does what it says!

No party skincare blog would be complete without a ‘party make-up’ removal hack. So here it is…

The better than nothing method!

You can cleanse your skin from the comfort of your bed with this first method. All you need is:

The micellar in bed route. You need all 8 cotton pads, as you must keep wiping with micellar until the cotton pads come away clean.

Once clean apply a generous layer of Total Skin Repair Concentrate. You can apply and massage into your face, neck and décolleté, your eye contour and over your lips. It has hydrating and oxygenating properties for your tired skin. It’s packed full of powerful anti-ageing ingredients. It’s also rich in Vitamin C and many other much needed antioxidants to help rescue your skin.

We love the ingredient called ‘Skinsensyl’ which is designed to help calm and soothe your skin. It strengthens your skin but will also help to reduce any redness.

The ‘double cleanse’ method. Also known as the ‘I would if I were you method!’

Yes you can remove your make-up completely while in bed with your Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-up Remover. But it will take you as long (if not longer) to do it this way than it would to double cleanse your skin in your bathroom.

Double cleansing is the best way to remove your make-up and clean your skin. Which is why we use this method in all our professional treatments.

Our Essential Miracle Cleansing Jelly is especially good for removing long wear make-up. For the most efficient removal in the quickest time our Micro Cloths are a must. Super soft and super quick. I wouldn’t be without mine. Made from long weave micro fibres, you’ll never go back to cotton cloths once you’ve tried them.

Repeat again for that double cleanse, fresh face feel. Then follow with Total Skin Repair Concentrate or Rehydrating Concentrate to beat the parched look of dehydration and redness. Or to pep up tired skin.

If you’re feeling up to it go for a final layer of Repairing Nourishing Mask. Spread it onto your skin and the backs of your hands. This overnight skin hero will work its magic while you sleep.

The ‘Morning After’

Smug - er yes!

Soft supple skin – you’ve got it! Good for you. You deserve it!

With Love
Kirsti x