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Peel Away Dead Summer Skin

As skincare experts with over 65 years’ experience in the professional beauty industry, we are always asked our advice and we’d love to share our knowledge and experience with you all.

The big question is ‘How to keep your Summer glow’. You know, that natural radiance that your skin takes on over the summer months. The radiance that seems to illuminate your skin from the inside, out. The glow that gave you the confidence to wear a sheer foundation this summer (and still look flawless).

The answer to the question is this. Peel away dead ‘Summer’ skin and you’ll get your glow back.

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Your glow is looking a little less radiant and your skin a little less illuminated by late September… why?

Your surface dead skin cells are ‘stained’ with melanin. Melanin is produced to protect during UV exposure. It’s this melanin which is your tan. Less UV exposure and your skin will produce less melanin, therefore your skin may look a little dull and lack lustre right now.

Super, Glowy and Bright.

Take away the stained cells and your skin will look brighter, but it will look lighter too. One goes with the other. Remember your melanin production is lower without summer UV exposure. You will get your glow back but not your sun-kissed look back. It’s the sun that does this for you.

It’s time to exfoliate! – Dead skin removal

Exfoliate your face and your body too at the end of the Summer. Its here that I mention that you mustn’t use your body exfoliator on your face (to reduce doubt!) body exfoliators are too harsh for your face but perfect for your body.

Our Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator is for your body. As the name suggests, it’s made from salt. Three different size salt grains to ensure you get a deep but gentle exfoliation. The salt is combined with our blend of Essential Oils. It smells wonderful. A lovely way to use it at home is to exfoliate as described in our product application tutorial. Don’t remove the salt, instead slip into a warm bath. The trace element rich salts will melt into the water and create your very own spa.

Exfoliating Gel


For your face, use our Essential Exfoliating Gel. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and powerful enough to give you an amazing exfoliation. There’s no rubbing or scrubbing needed. We use a very gentle exfoliating acid from Red Seaweed. Its this Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) that will dissolve the ‘glue’ that’s holding your dead cells on your skin. Peel away dead summer skin and you will get your glow back. 

Off with the old, now let’s look after the new!

It’s time to mask! We have a choice of 2 depending on what you want to achieve.

To nourish hydrate and repair your skin, our Repairing Nourishing Mask is the perfect sleep mask. A must have if you’re time poor. Whilst you sleep, it works. Remember the back of your hands, they need a little TLC too.

If you fancy a smooth, even skin finish. Try our Smoothing Resurfacing Mask. It does what it says on the tin. It delivers a peachy, dewy finish, and helps to reduce the size of open pores (its one of my all-time favourite masks).

If you’re looking for something more intense this Autumn and you fancy an hour ‘me time.’ Look out for our new Resurfacing Facial Treatment, available at salons nationwide.

 The Age Defence Resurfacing Treatment

Our powerful treatment uses a cocktail of skin resurfacing ingredients to effectively reduce fine lines, scar tissue and uneven skin colour. Thanks to our treatment innovation, your skin functions are reactivated, revealing a new skin effect, smooth, plump and even in tone.

Your skin must be protected from UV after receiving this treatment. Our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is advised.

The results are exceptional and the results last. We remove up to 1 ½ of your top layers of skin. But in a gentle way. Don’t panic there'll be no skin shedding and no downtime, and you won’t be leaving your skin vulnerable. Not with this treatment. After the peeling section of the treatment, we care for your ‘new skin’ and encourage proper skin function to keep it working hard for itself. It’s a firm favourite of all of us at KD HQ. The Resurfacing Facial Treatment launches in salons during October. 

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