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Fatigue V’s Skin

Late nights, endless tasks leading to stress. We all experience these things in life, it’s OK. You can usually deal with it all. What you don’t like seeing are the visible effects showing on your face. 

For the days you need to fake a full 8-hour sleep we have created the Anti-Fatigue Mask. You can use this as a revitalising pre make-up treat or more regularly as an energising treatment mask. As often as you like, as often as you need it. Your skin will look gorgeously luminous, like it has been lit from within.


Your reflection often mirrors what is happening in your internal system.

Illness is often confined to your internal organs and the secondary symptoms are seen on your skin. But lack of sleep and fatigue are different…

The occasional late night may leave you with dark circles under your eyes for a day or two. But not getting a good 8-hours regularly is problematic. Tiredness affects your daily productivity, not only from a workload point of view but it affects how your body’s internal systems function.

Continual fatigue means you are not at the ‘top of your game’ and this alone will lead to stress levels soaring.

In this blog we’ll talk about tiredness. You can evaluate how tiredness relates to stress and how it will impact all areas of your life.


Fatigue V’s Skin

Let’s talk about cortisol: an essential hormone released by your adrenal glands. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. 

When you get optimal sleep your cortisol production meets the defined needs of your body. You produce most in the morning, less in the afternoon and your lowest point is at midnight. Helping to control your wake/sleep cycle (circadian rhythm).

Cortisol regulates your body temperature, blood sugar and metabolises the nutrients from food.  Importantly for your skin it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Not only for your skin, for all your bodily tissues.

When you’re tired (and stressed), your cortisol production increases. The increase causes an opposite effect to the intended role of this stress hormone.

So rather than it being anti-inflammatory, it causes inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the main causes of ageing of cells and the premature ageing of your skin.

It may also cause your skin to become sensitised to things which have never caused issue in the past. It may cause you skin to become high in colour, sensitive.

Rather than metabolising nutrients well… you become susceptible to weight gain (especially around your stomach area).

It increases oil production in your skin - giving you a shine to your skin throughout the day.


In general, the over production of cortisol leaves a feeling of lethargy in mind and spirit. 


Let’s deep dive the over production of cortisol and your skin? 

The effects will be varied on everyone. Whichever symptoms you experience, it causes the release of negative and destructive messengers to your cells. This leads your skin to age prematurely. 


Visible signs of excess cortisol

Heat, swelling, excess oil production, inflammation, redness, dull lacklustre skin with pronounced lines and wrinkles. 

But what is not apparent immediately, is how excess cortisol breaks down your collagen and elastin. This leads to thin skin and increases visible signs of ageing in the future. 



If lack of sleep and fatigue are issues for you, your stress levels are likely to be heightened. It’s tempting to reach for food which will increase your cortisol production. These include sugary treats (because a sugar rush will energise you) and processed foods (because you're too tired to cook from scratch).

Exercise is good, over-exercising must be avoided. The excessive adrenalin is a stimulus to all of your body’s sytems.

And switch off blue light emitting devices (this includes your TV) at least an hour before you close your eyes to sleep.

Be mindful of your bedtime. The 8-hour rule should be respected!


For the days you need to fake a full 8-hour sleep.

Unveil truly radiant skin in 2 minutes with our salon strength glow getting mask. Anti-Fatigue Mask - it’s the ultimate quick fix for dull, tired skin.  It boosts circulation and intercellular energy; revealing a luminous complexion in the same time it takes to clean your teeth!

You know that fatigue can wreak havoc on your skin, so we have developed a fast acting antidote for you.

It leaves your skin looking gorgeously luminous, like it’s been lit from within. Hydrated and plumped, your skin will look and feel smooth and velvety. It envelops your skin in an elastic microfilm to lift, sculpt and firm your features, leaving your face feeling vibrant and energised.

It’s the ultimate canvas for flawless make-up.

You can use it as a revitalising pre make-up treatment, for a smooth and dewy skin, the perfect canvas for your foundation.


The glow just keeps on giving!

With regular use our mask boosts your cellular energy level to aid the production of collagen, elastin and skin hydrating hyaluronic acid. Your skin will feel firmer and stronger with continued use.

While prevention is always better than cure. Sometimes you need a helping hand.

This is what our Anti-Fatigue Mask will become to you. However, it’s worth mentioning that you will get 'Better Skin for Life', if you sleep well. All your skincare products will have the best results if your skin is functioning well and is able to work with them.


Find out more about our 2 minute miracle – Anti-Fatigue Mask


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