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Have your skincare products stopped working for you?

Give us the opportunity to help your skin look and feel its absolute best. For you to be brimming with the confidence which beautiful skin can give you, no matter what your age is.

‘There’s not a lot we don’t know about skin or skincare. Our frustration came from seeing the mistreatment of skin, which was giving people (like you) little or no results and in many cases their skin problems worsened. The mis-message from skincare brands encourages us to treat the symptoms of our skin, (spots, hyper-pigmentation, lines, loss of tone, sensitivity), without first giving our skin what it needs to function effectively.'

Skincare experts, not imposters.

Created by skincare experts Kirsti Shuba and Donna Tait, between them they’ve racked up over 70 years’ experience in the skincare industry.

For 10 years we have supported the professional skincare market. We create skincare treatments for salons and back it up with professional strength products for use at home.

The Katherine Daniels Philosophy is Skin First and Symptoms Second

"Our professional strength products treat your skin first. They stimulate healthy skin function, to get your skin to perform to its best potential.

Secondary to this, you are able to quickly and effectively treat the visible symptoms. The symptoms are the things that you see on your skin. The things you want to address, change or enhance.

We will help you understand how to get the best for your skin and the results you deserve."

Kirsti & Donna
Katherine Daniels Co-founders


4 steps to beautiful skin

We don't think skincare should be complicated

Do you want a manageable skincare routine? No more products which collect dust after your high hopes have turned to disappointment.

Your 4-step prescription will be your starting point to glowing, healthy, hydrated skin, your best skin. You can declutter your bathroom and never buy the incorrect products again.