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Real Results – Get Inspired: Donna

Real Results with our skincare ‘reset’ test group

We put the power of our products to the test. With a group of volunteer clients over a 56 day period.

Our aim

To showcase the ability of Katherine Daniels products, coupled with expert advice. Guidance was given via our Virtual Skin Bar.

Our newest launch the Treatment Boosts took front and centre stage.

This is the skincare journey of one of our group.

Name – Donna Humphreys
Date of Birth – 06/07/1971

Virtual guidance, virtual help.

Each client was guided over the 56 days by Co-founder of Katherine Daniels, Donna Tait. Their skincare journey started with a consultation with the lady herself at our Virtual Skin Bar.

The caveat of the test…

Use only the products that we have prescribed and use the products in the way we have recommended.

No salon treatments were given during the 56 day test period. These results have been achieved only on a twice daily homecare routine.

Meet Donna

Throughout my adult life, I’ve used high street (mass market) brands of skincare. My skin was OK, I wasn’t unhappy with how it looked.

For the past 5 years I’ve worked at Katherine Daniels Head Office. Since working here, I’ve used the products (who wouldn’t!?) I saw great improvement when I changed to Katherine Daniels. I was happy with the changes.

If you asked me 2 months ago if my skin was in good condition. I’d say yes.

I rarely suffer with break outs. I do have the tell-tale signs of ageing. Along with open pores on my nose and chin and an uneven skin tone. But I was happy with the way my skin looked and felt. I know now, I was using great products but going through the motions of a good routine. Like others at (nearly) 50 years, I thought ‘this is how my skin is’. It doesn’t look bad for my age.

Starting her 56 day skincare reset test.

Everyone on our panel signed up with commitment to use only the products prescribed and use them in the recommended way. We met at our Virtual Skin Bar so that we could carry out a virtual consultation. A bespoke skincare prescription and routine were given to each volunteer.

Our panel checked in again with us after 1, 7, 21, 35, 49 & 56 days and photographed their skin each week.

Tell us about your 1st Virtual Skin Bar Consultation

I learnt that I was going through the motions of a good routine. I needed to increase my efforts to maximise my results. I was prescribed the new Treatment Boost for Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation. Along with daily use of a sunscreen, the Daily DNA Defence SPF30. For the rest of my routine, the products I was using from Katherine Daniels were correct for my skin. However, the way I used them was addressed.

I was concerned that my new routine would take a long time twice a day.
I soon realised that it takes only a little longer than before. How could the changes make a visible difference to my skin?

Now it was up to me. I had the products; I had the advice.

I was seriously impressed! I saw an almost immediate change in my skin tone. It was less red and more even in colour. Between day 7-14 my skin became plumper, it was softer and the open pores looked smaller.

By week 3/4, I was being complimented on my skin! (The compliments unprompted, I might add!). It was a huge boost to my confidence.

But even then, I wondered what everyone was seeing when they looked at me. This is when I went back to my day 1 photo. The differences were obvious. Now I knew why the compliments were coming! It put a spring in my step, a smile on my face. It was the encouragement to keep up with my new routine. It was working wonders.

Day by day the improvements were visible

Towards the later part of the test, I noticed the vertical lines between my brows are less pronounced. My laughter lines hardly visible. For a lady of nearly 50, I’m really impressed.

I enjoyed my Virtual Skin Bar experience - to check in regularly, it gave me accountability. I knew I had to do everything as recommended. I embraced the challenge. I enjoyed taking my photos each week and seeing the differences. But the reward is the result which I am thrilled with!

Would you recommend the Virtual Skin Bar to your friends?

YES, without hesitation. We’ve all wasted money on products that are unsuitable for our skin. Or products that don’t live up to the hype. You don’t have to do this. Get expert advice on how to look after your skin. Use products that will give you the results that you want to achieve. This opportunity comes highly recommended from me.


Donna is proof that with the right advice and great products, you can look more than fabulous for your age. Are you inspired to claim better skin for life?

Find out for yourself Book your Virtual Skin Bar appointment here.