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Your Multi-Tasking Face and Body Hero

Your Multi-Tasking Face and Body Hero.

We love products which ‘work hard’ for us. Products which have more than one use. Our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops are one of those products.

When you think of foundation you probably think of make-up for your face. However, these clever drops of Pure Pigment are easily adaptable as a body make-up too. 

If you’re anything like me, by the springtime my skin is way paler than it is at the end of August. The thought of not wearing trousers, long skirts, boots or tights fills me with dread! 

There are hundreds of self-tanning products on the market. The ones which I prefer are the tanning drops which I add to my body moisturiser over a couple of days, resulting in a natural looking tan, thanks to my Nourishing Hydrating Balm and tanning drops combo.

Unfortunately, all of this takes some planning. There’s no impulsive ‘sun’s out, legs out’ during the first weeks of the summer.

First there’s the exfoliation (remember dead cells will turn orange and dry skin tans in patches). Then there’s the application of tanning drops, which my life experience proves to me it should be done in daylight, to avoid shadows cast on your body from artificial lighting. This results in uneven application, (and those patches don’t budge any time soon)! Daytime application poses another set of issues, which include, wearing loose clothing, limited underwear, not to mention the ‘odd’ smell of self-tan wafting around with you throughout the day.

For days when you want to be spontaneous…

Mix your Pure Pigment Foundation Drops into your Nourishing Hydrating Balm and create what can best be described as a body make-up, ideal for arms and legs. Use your usual shade for even skin colour or go up a shade for a sunkissed look, in an instant. 

You can watch our application tutorial here.

Camouflage imperfections.

Broken veins and scars can easily be covered and blend beautifully with your even skin finish. 

Beautiful, hydrated summer skin in an instant.

Is easy to achieve with Pure Pigment Foundation Drops (a product you already own). 

Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator.

My expert advice is to make sure you exfoliate your body regularly. Our Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator is my go to. We use multi-sized salt grains and crystals, which give a gentle yet thorough surface exfoliation. The blended essential oils, leave your skin smelling divine, each oil having its own skin benefit. There’s no oily mess to clear up afterwards, as the oil and salt doesn’t separate in this exfoliating product. 

After use, simply shower off the salt or take time to relax in a warm bath, letting the salts release their skin perfecting trace elements and minerals. Creating your own ‘at home spa.’ 

Not only will your skin feel velvety soft but it also looks smooth. Your body moisturiser works best, to its full potential, giving you a supple, comfortable feeling and no dry flaky skin to be seen. 

Keep up with this health and wellbeing ritual once a week and you can dress each day the way you want to, defined by the sunshine. Be spontaneous!

Expert Tip

Once you’ve applied your Pure Pigment body make-up, leave it to absorb and dry before dressing and you’re good to go! If you’re still not convinced, watch our application tutorial here



With Love 


Co-founder Katherine Daniels