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Will Working Out Affect My Skin?

As skincare Experts with over 65 years’ experience in the professional beauty industry, we are always asked our advice, we love to share our knowledge and experience with you all.

We all know that fitness is ‘in’ and it is particularly unavoidable this time of year as the country becomes fanatical about getting back into shape after all the Christmas over-indulgence.  Yet, as we hit the gym it is easy to concentrate on our physique but not necessarily contemplate how it is still important to look after our skin. 

When we workout our circulation increases meaning that more blood is pumped around our body and works to carry away waste products such as dirt, toxins and oil.  However, if you do not clean your skin after your workout it is likely that bacteria and oils contained in sweat will accumulate and be left to linger on the skin, meaning it is likely that breakouts will occur.  Hence why our in-house skincare expert and founder of Katherine Daniels, Kirsti Shuba, explains that “whilst it is fine to workout in your makeup it is important you properly cleanse your skin and hydrate after exercising – this should never be skipped.”


Many gym goers or runners also firmly believe that they have an oily t-zone because of what happens to their skin when they work out.  However, Kirsti clarifies that this mindset is often incorrect and that in fact people’s skin tends to be dehydrated rather than oily, “usually harsh products are used to strip the skin, but this causes the skin to fight back and produce additional oil and in the first instance destroys the skins protective barrier.  This then turns into a vicious cycle as people use further aggressive products to treat a man-made problem skin, when in fact all that is missing is hydration.”  She also explains that “congested skin is a result of toxins in the skin which need to be flushed away but, yet again, this can only happen when you remain hydrated.”  So, whether you’re an obsessed gym bunny or part-time Zumba lover always strive to hydrate your skin after you break a sweat (because you are losing hydration) by using an appropriate skin cream and drinking plenty of water both before and after your workout.  It is simple but effective!

In order to make these small changes and look after your skin properly it is crucial that you get organised.  To be able to stick to a post-workout skin regime you need to have things to hand.  Therefore, to help you on your way we have pulled together a list of our products that are essentials for your gym bag:

  • Essential Cleansing GelThis is perfect for a post workout in-shower cleanse after a long workout. We would recommend you use this with a micro cloth to efficiently lift away make-up, bacteria and gym grime.  Your skin will be left feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Essential Deep Cleansing & Skin Rejuvenating System – Take this tool into the shower with you and use with your Cleansing Gel to get a professional level cleanse. It works to stimulate blood circulation, meaning the skin becomes oxygenated and able to flush away toxins.
  • Rehydrating Cream – Apply to your clean skin to give it a well needed hydration boost.
  • Daily DNA Defence SPF 30 – If you are heading out after the gym, make sure you apply this light-weight SPF to your freshly cleansed face to protect from the damaging effects of UV rays, pollution and blue light.