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The Importance Of Concentrates

As skincare Experts with over 65 years’ experience in the professional beauty industry, we are always asked our advice, we love to share our knowledge and experience with you all.

We are often asked why serums are so important and how they should properly be used within a skincare regime.  So we thought it was about time that we address this topic and let you know why serums are a must have.

Please note that within the Katherine Daniels range serums are known as concentrates.

What is a concentrate?

Concentrates sit in our Step 2 – Skin Boost. They are applied directly to your clean, dry skin. As the name suggests these products are concentrated in active ingredients, in fact they’re generally 4 x more active than your treatment cream, meaning they are crucial for delivering the results that you want to achieve.

Why is it important to use a concentrate?

Concentrates are effective and help you achieve your skincare goals. They also allow you to treat a different condition from that of your treatment cream and will massively boost the results.

For example, if your skin is really dehydrated, you will find the following combination of products super effective ...

Rehydrating Concentrate + Rehydrating Cream

Or if your skin is dry and dehydrated, you can treat both together by using ...

Concentrate for Dry Skin + Rehydrating Cream

Why is it important to use a concentrate and a treatment cream?

Often concentrates are formulated with a smaller molecular structure than a treatment cream, meaning that concentrates can get deeper into your skin and work in a different way than a cream. However, a treatment cream also acts as a defence when applied, protecting the skin against pollutants and free-radical damage. Therefore, both are necessary.

How do I use a concentrate correctly?

Apply a concentrate to your clean, dry skin and massage thoroughly into your face, neck, decollate and remember to include your eye contour area and over your lips. Once absorbed you can continue to layer other products, which too are supported by the extra ingredients delivered into your skin by your concentrate.

Expert Tip – Massaging products into your skin promotes good skin health and stimulates oxygenated blood to your skins surface. Katherine Daniels products will work if they are sitting on the surface of your skin but work best if they are within your skin.

Donna and I hope this information has been helpful and will enable you to get the best from your products and ultimately achieve Better Skin For Life.