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Summer Skin Problems

As skincare experts with over 65 years’ experience, we are always asked our advice on how to look after your skin. We love to share our experience and expertise.

The summer slips away, so does the ‘feel good factor’ and the radiance of our summer skin starts to fade. This is what we all talk about as summer skin problems.

STOP! WAIT! This isn’t how it needs to be. There’s a solution; its simple and easy to take control to keep your radiant summer glow all year.

What happens to your skin when the sun isn’t ‘kissing it’?

Your sun kissed glow starts to look dull, sometimes patchy. This is because your skin has become dehydrated (lacking in water). This summer skin problem is so easy to fix.

What is dehydrated skin and why does it happen?

Things you do daily cause dehydration of your skin; sun, sun-bathing, alcohol, air conditioning, poor skin care routine, poor diet, poor sleep patterns and stress (the list goes on, but we’ll stop there). This problem of skin dehydration can be confusing for you. It can be mistaken for an oily or combination skin type.

When your pores are wide open, you can get the odd blackhead or even a breakout of spots. The reason your pores are open is because they are screaming for a drink! Don’t reach for harsh, aggressive products to close them, it will only make the problem worse. You will make your skin even more dehydrated and with continuous use, sensitive.

How do I know if my skin is dehydrated?

When your skin looks dull and parched, open pores are more visible. dehydration makes the inside of the skin pores grey. This greyness is how we start to recognise dehydrated skin. It is this greyness that is giving you a lacklustre complexion. Because of the lack of water within your skin you’ll find that lines and wrinkles look worse than ever. Or if you don’t usually see lines on your skin, you may do now, these aren’t wrinkles, just lines of dehydration.

Your skin holds moisture through all its layers, these water reserves will be depleted. While you can’t see what’s going on deeper in your skin, you can see what’s missing form the surface and that’s water/moisture.

A dehydrated skin is like a sponge that hasn’t been in water, it becomes rigid and the colour looks faded. This is the same for your skin; what gives you that ‘meh’ look to your skin. It will look dull, devitalised and generally lacking in radiance. This is a common summer skin problem.

If every product you apply, cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser disappear on contact, you can be sure you have a degree of skin dehydration. Your 8 glasses of water a day will be of great benefit but remember your body will serve this water to your vital, internal organs before serving it to your skin. It’s Time to act and introduce products for dehydrated skin.

The solution to summer skin problems:

We need to flood the skin with moisture (water not oil) and support the water channels in your skin. This will enable your skin to support its own needs and function properly. To do this you must introduce product that will repair your skin barrier, refine pores, minimise lines and wrinkles and give a natural radiance.

Step 1 – Cleansing - This is essential before you apply any product to your skin, have a look at our choice of cleansing products. As part of your Step 1 you should also consider exfoliating your skin once or twice each week. By removing dead skin cells, you will immediately brighten up your skin. It will feel soft, look smooth and the ingredients from your products will get into your skin much more easily. They’ll be more effective too.

Step 2 – Skin Boost - The Rehydrating Concentrate is my go-to product for all signs of dehydration. It immediately boosts hydration levels in the skin by over 70%, offering a thirst-quenching fix for your skin.  It goes on to form an ‘invisible gauze’ to repair your skin barrier and prevent you losing more moisture. It contains a natural protein complex to drip feed hydration into your skin, even 8 hours after application your skin will feel supple and hydrated and the radiant glow will remain all day. Chamomile extract (bisabolol) will reduce redness by 40% in just 30 minutes.

Step 3 – Skin Defence - The Rehydrating Cream is one of our bestselling creams. It uses a new generation of ingredients. This treatment cream works on all levels of your skin. It repairs your skin barrier, giving protection and reducing the loss of any more moisture. It stimulates collagen, elastin and your own naturally occurring and naturally moisturising hyaluronic acid. It supports your own natural youth and moisture boosting defences.

Its non-greasy formula is a pleasure to use. The texture is cocooning and comforting for your skin when it needs a little post summer TLC. It’s not heavy or gloopy. Like many of our products it is vegan friendly.

Step 4 - Repairing Nourishing Mask - It does what its name suggests it will. I love this product because its rich and creamy. I use it at night as a sleep mask. 10 minutes before bedtime, Apply in a generous layer over the top of your concentrate (in this case the Rehydrating Concentrate). You can use it on the back of your hands too. Your hands have probably seen more sun than your face this summer, so they’ll need some TLC as well.

In the morning rinse it away and then carry on as normal with your morning routine.