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Real Results, Real People, Sensitive Skin

Real results with our skincare ‘reset’ test group 

We put the power of our products to the test. With a group of volunteer clients over a 56 day period. If these shots inspire you – read on

Our aim To showcase the ability of Katherine Daniels products, coupled with expert advice. We gave guidance via our Virtual Skin Bar. Our newest launch the Treatment Boost for Rosacea & Sensitive Skin took front and centre stage.

This is the skincare journey of one of our group.

Name – Cheryl Simmonds
Date of Birth – 22.06.1975

Virtual guidance, virtual help

Each client was guided over the 56 days by co-founder of Katherine Daniels , Donna Tait. Their skincare journey started with a consultation with the lady herself at our Virtual Skin Bar.

The caveat of the test… Use only the products that we have prescribed. Use the products in the way we have recommended. No salon treatments were given during the 56 day test period. The results are founded on a twice daily homecare routine.

What we know about sensitive skin… It reacts to internal and external factors.

Internal factors include: spicy food, alcohol, caffeine, hormonal changes, stress and stressful situations.

External factors include: extreme weather conditions, general environment (pollution etc). Lack of care and the use of incorrect products.

You cannot neglect sensitive skin

With no consistency to your skincare regime, sensitive skin will become more sensitive. Consistency with the correct product is key. You must make a commitment to your skin.

Sensitive skin rarely happens overnight

Give your skin time to heal internally and externally. If your skin has been getting more sensitive over many years. You won’t be able to fix it up in a few weeks. Remember, commitment, consistency and the correct products will be your skin saviour.

Caring for sensitive skin is a lifelong commitment

Not only with your skincare regime. You must care for it and keep it protected from extreme weather conditions.

Understand what triggers your skin to flare up

It may be the curry you enjoyed last night, It may be the glass (or 2) of wine you drank. Or it may have been the sunny but windy day at the beach. When you understand what your skin triggers are. You can choose to avoid them or work with your skin to respond to them.

Test period: Day 1

Cheryl’s skin was dry and sensitive. It was flaky in patches, it was itchy. Her skin was often inflamed and sore. It lacked vitality.

Cheryl’s backstory

From 25 years Cheryl’s stressful lifestyle made her skin susceptible to flaring up. Her dry damaged skin barrier wasn’t keeping the ‘good stuff’ in. It wasn’t keeping the ‘bad stuff’ out. Over time her skin became sensitive. Cheryl had no consistent skincare regime. Early menopause created hormonal havoc. Making her skin drier and more sensitive. As her skin changed for the worst, Cheryl started to believe ‘this is how my skin is, I can’t change it’. And then came lockdown; her stress levels soared.

Test Period: Day 7

After 1 week the changes were visible. By using the correct products for my skin and in the correct way, I was seeing the results. Week by week the changes were visible.

Test Period: Week 4

Cheryl’s skin took a turn for the worst. Donna was on hand to chat things through and work out why this had happened. It was a disappointing time for Cheryl; her skin had improved so much. It was now Cheryl learnt what her skin triggers were. Allowing her to get back on track. Giving her the knowledge and power to avoid or work with them in the future.

Test Period: Day 56

A note from our Co-Founder – Donna Tait

‘After a lifetime of uncomfortable, sensitive skin, we were able to get Cheryl’s skin under control. By reducing the sensitivity and redness, we have enhanced the condition. Her skin looks plump, supple, clear and smooth. She looks 10 years younger! It’s the starting point of better skin for life for Cheryl. It’s now up to her to commit to a consistent skincare regime. By doing this, over the coming months, her skin will become stronger and more able to defend itself. She doesn’t have the sort of skin that you can neglect. By caring for her skin twice a day, as I’ve shown her over the trial period. It will stay in great shape. In fact, the results will continue to show. Her skin will become it’s ‘best’ if she wants it to be and works with it.’


Cheryl is proof that with the right advice and great products, you can change your skin. You can look more than fabulous for your age. Are you inspired to claim, ‘better skin for life?’ Find out for yourself book your Virtual Skin Bar appointment here.