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Real Results - 5 Star Mask

You want to see results with the products that you buy! Our Anti-Fatigue Mask gives you showstopping results!  

1 product. Results in 2 two minutes.

With 13 years' experience in the Beauty Industry, Louise understands the importance of high-quality skincare. She set up her own salon, The Garden Retreat in 2018. Her goal is to provide result driven products and treatments to her clients. This is why she chooses to use Katherine Daniels products in her salon. 

Louise’s life is full on, running a successful business and looking after her family. Fatigue and stress could wreak havoc with her skin.  

Fatigue affects the way your skin looks and functions. It becomes dull and lacklustre; your cells lack the energy they need to keep your skin vibrant. As an antidote to this Lousie uses the Anti-Fatigue Mask.  

We have developed this fast-acting antidote for you. Our salon strength gel mask, which leaves your skin looking gorgeously luminous, looks like it's been lit from within. 

It's the ultimate canvas for flawless make-up. You can use it as a revitalising pre make-up treatment, for a smooth dewy base. 

The glow which keeps on giving! With regular use this mask boosts your cellular energy levels to aid the production of collagen, elastin and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Your skin will feel firmer and stronger with continued use. 

Before Louise used the Anti-Fatigue Mask for the first time... 

We asked if she was sceptical about getting results in 2 minutes. ‘’Yes! 2 minutes isn’t long for a product to work and give you visible results.” 

2 minutes later 

‘’A perfect mask for a busy lifestyle. My face felt amazing afterwards and I could see a difference at once. I saw an improvement in the brightness, plumpness and firmness of my skin. My make-up looked smooth and went on effortlessly. The mask helped my foundation stay on for longer without the shine later on. I will be recommending this to my clients, friends and family.’’ 

Louise is happy. We're happy. Could we make you happy? 

If you need advice with your skin, book a 1-2-1 personal consultation at our Virtual Skin Bar with Katherine Daniels Co-founder, Kirsti Shuba. With a professional skincare career which spans over 30 years, there's not a lot Kirsti doesn't know about skin and she knows everything about our products.

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