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New Year, New Skin

Skin Cleansing SOS 

Depending on how experienced you’re with your skincare regime, this blog will either remind you why skin cleansing is such in your twice daily routine. Or it will help you understand why cleansing is such a crucial step for everyone. Once you’ve read it, share the information with a friend or sibling. This could be the article which helps them achieve the skin of their dreams and ‘Better Skin for Life’. 


Skin cleansing, why you must!

A crucial first step in any skincare routine. A step which is often missed or not carried out thoroughly.   Lack of proper skin cleansing is the main reason your regime fails to meet yourexpectations. 

Lack of proper cleansing allows the opening to your hair follicles to become blocked with make-up, oil, dirt and bacteria. Something none of us want. Did you know a blackhead or spot is the result of a blocked hair follicle. 


 Applying further products to less than perfectly cleansed skin. 

Quite simply, the ingredients in your next steps (your Step 2 – Skin Boost and Step 3 - Skin Defence) won’t work the way they should, or the way you want them too when you’re adding layers on top of old make-up, oil, dirt and bacteria. You don’t need me to tell you that this is unlikely to end well! 


To cleanse or double cleanse - fact, or fiction? 

At night I recommend double cleansing your skin. Your first cleanse removes your make-up and general dirtand debris of the day.  If you only cleanse a single time, you are likely to leave makeup residue on your skin, resulting in blocked pores, which may lead to blackheads. Aswell as this, you will be applying your next skincare products over a layer of dirt.  

Your second cleanse cleans your skin. The results of a second cleanse are a perfectly clean and prepared base, ready to receive your nighttime products. 


Super clean, super quick. 

Removal of your cleansing product is quick and efficient when you use a damp cloth. I recommendour Micro Clothsthat are made of super soft micro fibre. These gently remove every trace of your cleansing product and every trace of your make-up. Taking away everything your skin doesn’t need, without stripping or scratching your face. 

In the morning, a single cleanse is perfect (if you’ve done your job well at night!) This will remove your nighttime product residue, along with oil, bacteria, sweat and dust particles. Now you’re ready to apply your daytime products, of course remembering your SPF (even in autumn and winter). 


Pick your cleanser based on how you like your skin to feel and make sure it fits your lifestyle. 

A new routine will only work for you if you’re consistent. We have different cleansers, some of which you’ll love the feeling of and some of which you won’t. 

Consistency will come from adopting an easy routine and seeing the results. This includes loving the way your skin looks and feels afterwards. A dewy glow or a matt finish, whichever your preference, will help you feel your most confident.  


Which cleanser will you love?

Here’s our  guide  to finding your perfect skin cleanser. 

There’s more to learn about perfecting your skin cleansing regime, as well as some clever little hacks. 

If you’re hungry for more, download our  Top Skin Cleansing Tips 

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