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Katherine Daniels Travel Edit

If you’re jetting off to the sun this summer or enjoying a staycation in Blighty, arm yourself with the best of our multi-tasking summer products.

From ‘the best’ facial SPF you’ll ever find to the products which will repair, hydrate and prolong your tan. We’ve got your back (quite literally)!

Let me take you on a trip around my favourite holiday products.

Sun Protection

Daily DNA Defence SPF30

  • Perfect for daily use and powerful enough when you’re poolside.
  • It’s broad-spectrum protection for your skin (UVA & UVB).
  • It’s blue light neutralising and pollution protection.
  • It defends and repairs your cells DNA.
  • And it doubles as an exceptional make-up primer.

A ‘small but mighty’ formula, this product will give you greater protection that you think. Use it as your final coat of skin armour and don’t ditch your skincare routine when you’re on holiday. This will ensure no burning, no breakouts and those pesky pigmentation marks will be kept under control.

Remember to re-apply every 2 hours if you’re swimming or getting a little, er, sweaty!

If you’re off on a city break and will be wearing make-up

You know (and we know) that a daily SPF is a must have. Developing a great product with the perfect texture took much consideration. Why? Because SPF’s are difficult to wear under make-up. Yes, we’ve seen our foundation slip off our face by mid-morning too thanks to a bullet proof layer of SPF beneath it. We had to tackle this and other pain points associated with daily SPF’s (you should really check out our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops too).

Aftersun Heroes

Total Sun Repair - from our best-selling Total Skin Repair Concentrate 

Let me share the aftersun benefits of Total Skin Repair Concentrate. Making our best-selling concentrate, not just an incredible Step 2 - Skin Boost, but also your go to anti-ageing aftersun skin saviour!

Please don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying "you don't need to wear a daily SPF" you must. What I am saying is that every now and then you might get caught out by the strength of the sun. Your skin may look a little pinker than you would like. Let's be real, it happens! 

Over exposure to the sun

Every time you've been out enjoying the sun your skin will be working hard to repair itself once the sun goes down. Because sun-kissed skin may look beautiful, it may make you feel glowy and radiant, but your skin changes colour in the sun because it has been damaged. Yes a suntan is sun damage! After exposure to UV all day your skin will be working hard to put things right. This is where our Total Skin Repair Concentrate becomes your new best friend. 

Repairing Nourishing Mask

It does what it says on the tin! And it’s a mask you can sleep in!

You can use it on your face, your shoulders, on the back of your hands, or anywhere else you've been kissed by the sun. 

The Repairing Nourishing Mask is a good all-rounder. I liken it to a faithful friend, who is always there for you. Will always do their best for you!

A lusciously rich and creamy texture (and)

Masks are often overlooked. Often, we’re too busy to hang around for 10 minutes while they work their magic. Not this one. It’s lusciously rich and creamy texture allows you to apply it like a traditional mask. Leave it to sink into your parched, sun-kissed skin and work its magic.

You sleep - it works

You can leave it for the usual 10 minutes before rinsing off. But why do that when you can pop it on before bed and let it works its magic. You sleep - it works.

Perfect as an après sun solution

A quick rinse in the morning, you’ll feel the cocooning residue slip off your skin. Revealing nourished, hydrated skin. Leaving your skin repaired, nourished and hydrated (Remember it does what it says on the tin)!

And for your body beautiful

Nourishing Hydrating Balm

  • It’s hydrating
  • It’s nourishing
  • It’s skin repairing
  • It’s skin soothing
  • It’s skin comforting
  • It’s tan enhancing (because your skin will be in great condition)
  • It’s tan extending (because your skin is in great condition and peeling will be limited or stopped)
  • And we have a mini tube, which is ideal for your inflight bag… genius!

Have the best time this summer. You’ve worked hard to have beautiful skin. Don’t cut corners now, your skin is its most vulnerable when you’re away in sunny climes.