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How to get radiant hydrated skin

Just a note.… the Katherine Daniels range doesn’t have serums, we have concentrates. These contain high amounts of key ingredients with the ability to get deeper into your skin (thanks to the small molecular structure).

How does Rehydrating Concentrate work?

Its unique, almost weightless texture is packed with key ingredients. These bring an immediate and long-term moisture surge to your parched, dehydrated skin.

Our key ingredients work independently to hydrate, firm and oxygenate your skin. Together they form an invisible shield to protect from pollution particles. For over 8 hours your skin will be hydrated. It will feel supple and glow with good health. Redness from environmental exposure is instantly soothed.

Rehydrating Concentrate promises to boost your skins hydration level by 73% in just 30 minutes. Your skin will remain supple and hydrated by 32% up to 8 hours later.

Big promises indeed. Let’s take a look at the key ingredients.

As a side note…. Water is the life force of all living cells. Once hydrated your skin will produce more energy. Meaning longer life to each cell and enhancing good skin function. Once well hydrated, the greyness of a dehydrated skin is replaced with the beautiful glow of good health.

Hyaluronic Acid

A natural moisturising factor found naturally in our skin. This ingredient delivers an instant hit of moisture to the upper levels of your skin. It works together with the next 2 ingredients listed below.

Alginate & Fermented Pullulan

These ingredients form a film over your skin - an ‘invisible shield’. Not only will they trap in moisture, they keep pollution particles off your skin. Many hydrating products are film forming. Unlike many, Rehydrating Concentrate WON’T ‘roll off’ (you could mistake the roll off for dead skin rolling. It’s not, it’s the product.  Annoying! Especially when you apply your foundation).

Next up is…

The Moisturising Complex 

This complex is suspended upon the invisible shield (Hyaluronic Acid, Alginate & Fermented Pulullan). The Moisturising Complex delivers a time released hydration system to ensure your skin looks and feels supple all day long.

And then there’s…

Chamomile Extract 

Will sooth and calm, any high colour. Its especially good for reducing redness after sun exposure.

Seaweed Extract 

Hydrates and oxygenates. Good cell function comes from having good oxygen & water supply.

When you use Rehydrating Concentrate

Your skin will become plump, smooth, refreshed & radiant. Dull open pores from dehydration are flushed through. This reveals a radiant, dewy complexion. Thanks to the continuous hydration abilities open pores are reduced along with lines of dehydration.

You’ll love this product as soon as you apply it to your parched skin. You’ll be hooked. You will almost hear your skin ‘sighing’ and saying ‘thankyou’!

Rehydrating Concentrate is the perfect partner to Rehydrating Cream

With love,

Kirsti x