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Everything you need to know about dry, uncomfortable skin

Beat Skin Dryness

Your dry skin lacks its natural lubricant (oil)

If you take good care of your dry skin it won’t be problematic. A young dry skin is porcelain in look and texture, rarely suffering with congestion or outbreaks.

Fail to care for your dry skin. You’ll get away with it… for some time.

Neglected dry skin feels tight and uncomfortable. The dryness will worsen, especially into your 30’s 40’s and 50’s. As your skins oil levels diminish it leaves your dry skin very dry, often sensitive.

Flaky skin is often a problem with tightness and discomfort an everyday battle. Unfortunately, this is the tip of your ‘dry skin’ iceberg.

A perfect, peachy complexion

‘Dry’ is your genetic skin type. When young it is the most beautiful of all skins, ‘a perfect peachy complexion’ that rarely gets spots or blackheads. Because it doesn’t present problems dry skin is often neglected. The ideal would be to rewind time. The reality is we need to put in the work to help you look fabulous for your age, because what I haven’t mentioned is dry skins age most quickly.

How do you know if you’ve got dry skin?

Your dry skin checklist

Does it feel irritated, tight, itchy and uncomfortable?

Do you have dry, flaky, peeling and cracked areas?

Does it feel rough to touch, especially on the cheeks and along your jaw line? (This self-protecting barrier is a protection mechanism created by your skin).

Do you have Milia? These are small white pearly spots, they can’t be squeezed out. Often appearing around your eyes but they can appear anywhere on the face and neck.

Can you see capillary damage? Your dry skin is thin in texture making capillary damage more visible.

Your skincare products don’t absorb into your skin? Do they sit on your skin’s surface making your skin feel greasy?

Your make-up never looks great. Is it sitting on top of your (unabsorbed) moisturiser? Or, dare to go without your moisturiser and your makeup looks ‘cakey’ on your dry flaky skin (disappearing quickly as your skin draws oil from your makeup base).

What causes dry skin?

Remember dry skin is genetic. This doesn’t mean it has to be problematic. There are many people with dry skin who sail through the decades with a ‘beautiful’ complexion, but here’s the low down on the main causes…

Lack of care (because you can get away with it)

As I said earlier, young dry skin looks amazing it rarely has any problems. I remember the girls at school who never had a single spot or black head; the girls who slept in their make-up - they used nothing but soap and water. This neglect will have caught up with them.

Harsh soap products

Soap is very drying for your skin. Its alkaline and destroys your natural skin barrier. It can take up to 8 hours for your skin to recover its natural protection from one wash with soap and water. Your skin becomes vulnerable allowing moisture loss which leads to a dehydrated condition.

Imagine tiny cracks appearing that allow makeup, dirt and pollution to enter your skin. This can lead to premature ageing. A moisturiser will never be enough to compensate for the damaging effects of soap.

Water and water temperature

Hard water areas have higher fluoride and lime content. This can dry your skin by stripping natural oils that you need as lubricants.

Consider the water temperature too, very hot water dries your skin. More than this it damages your skin. Please, never stand with your face upwards to your shower head, it’s like red hot needles hitting your face. This isn’t going to bring you anything other than sensitive skin (and red cheeks). The rule is if your skin looks red after showering / bathing it is too hot.

The weather and the environment

Do you protect your skin from the sun? Of course you do.

What about the cold, wind, rain and freezing conditions? The cold and wind will leave your unprotected skin feeling chapped, red and uncomfortably dry.

Going from the cold outside to your warm house. Sudden changes in temperature cause the heat / shock proteins in your skin to go into overdrive. This brings the flushed hot sensations which cause your skin to become dryer still. Left uncared for your dry skin can become sensitive.

Skin ageing

As you age your oil levels naturally decrease. As oil levels decrease we lose volume and suppleness, this allows lines and wrinkles to become more visible. Along with the natural depletion of collagen, elastin and our own hyaluronic acid, dry skin naturally ages more quickly. An ageing skin becomes drier (cruel hey)!

Tackling dry skin is easy with the right care

Your dry skin will respond to a traditional cleansing routine.

Our Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover, Essential Cleansing Milk and Essential Toning Lotion will start your morning and evening skincare routine.
Gentle exfoliating twice a week will end dry, flaky skin and reduce the tight uncomfortable feeling. It will the relieve the dry sand papery feeling when you touch your skin. Everything you apply after regularly exfoliating will be absorbed (and work harder and faster). You must remove this dry barrier from your skin, our Essential Exfoliating Gel is perfect for the job.

Once you have your cleansing routine we need to treat your dry skin

Nurturing Night Balm will support dry skin recovery and repair. Packed with anti-ageing properties from seaweeds. To protect your collagen and elastin; Omega’s 3, 6, 7 and 9 replenish your dry skin. Vitamins A, C, E and B3 are powerful antioxidants.

I love this product it does exactly what it says on the tin. It will nurture your skin back to good health, with the texture of a balm and penetrating ability of a serum.

Our Dry Skin Cream will treat the main problems of your skin. Packed with skin perfecting and anti-ageing properties it will: -
• Repair your skin barrier to keep the good ‘stuff’ in.
• Ignite your natural oil supply to keep your skin supple, comfortable and peachy soft.
• Red Seaweed and Blue Micro-Algae give powerful anti-ageing benefits by stimulating your own collagen and elastin production.
• Its texture is creamy, not heavy. Easily absorbs to leave your skin feeling soft, supple, strong and protected.

For dry mature skin try our Dry Skin Rich Cream. With all the anti-ageing and skin perfecting benefits of our Dry Skin Cream. We’ve added extra rice peptides for skin firmness and Shea Butter for a richer texture that will nurture and care, restoring the velvety softness to the driest of skins.

Your dry skin will be replenished with a feeling of comfort. Your makeup will enhance your beautiful skin, not cover it up!

Do you need help choosing the right products to use on your skin?

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With Love
Donna x