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'Double Cleansing.' Why is everyone talking about it?!

As skincare Experts with over 65 years’ experience in the professional beauty industry, we are always asked our advice, we love to share our knowledge and experience with you all.

We know how beauty trends work. Someone will recommend a certain product or method and before you know it, everyone is ranting and raving about it!

Well, Double Cleansing has been and always will be one of our most important tips to you. We know that the majority of skincare issues result from not properly cleansing the skin, we ALL should be double cleansing and toning at night, especially if you regularly wear make-up. Failure to do this will lead to skin congestion, spots, blackheads, premature ageing and dull life less skin.

The Katherine Daniels Deep Cleansing and Skin Rejuvenating System is a dual purpose handset, as the name suggests, and has been designed to deep cleanse the skin, and the perfect tool to use when double cleansing.

A good way to think of the power of using a cleansing system is similar to that of teeth cleaning. You can clean your teeth with a manual tooth brush and get a good clean, as long as you brush for the desired amount of time. However in many peoples opinion, if you were to use an electric tooth brush, for the desired amount of time you would get a superior clean.

With this analogy in mind, you could consider our Deep Cleansing System as an opportunity to give your skin a fantastic and superior cleanse compared to that of a manual cleanse.

So to get your skin super clean, first remove your make up, do this manually with your favourite Katherine Daniels cleansing product. We love the Essential Cleansing Milk because the quick break formulation from milk to water of this product ensures the cleanser enters the mouth of every single skin pore. So deep cleansing happens by the very nature of the formulation. When you remove the Essential Cleansing Milk with one of our Micro Cloths, you literally scoop up the Cleansing Milk along with dirt, make-up and impurities that it has collected.

So here comes our second cleanse, apply product onto the skin and spread out evenly. Switch on your Deep Cleansing System, this cleanse should last between 1 – 2 minutes. Remove the cleanser with a clean damp Micro Cloth and there you have it, super clean skin (Now tone!!)