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Your search for the perfect SPF is over

Daily DNA Defence SPF30

• It’s so much more than a daily SPF. 
• It’s broad-spectrum protection for your skin (UVA & UVB).
• It’s blue light neutralising and pollution protection.
• It defends and repairs your cells DNA.
• And it doubles as an exceptional makeup primer.

The perfect texture

You know (and we know) that a daily SPF is a must have. But developing a great product with the perfect texture took much consideration. Why? Because SPF’s are difficult to wear, especially under makeup. Yes, we’ve seen our makeup slip off our face by mid-morning too thanks to a bullet proof layer of SPF beneath it. We had to tackle this and other pain points associated with daily SPF’s.

The end results.

A photo-stable (won’t degrade in the sun) SPF30 packed full of active ingredients to help your skin and your skin cells stay well protected during exposure to the environment.

Blue light is emitted from computers and smart technology, phones and TVs. Blue light ages your skin. This product protects against the formation of pigmentation marks and lines.

Pollution damages your skin too. This product is an invisible coat of armour keeping the ‘good stuff’ in and the ‘bad stuff’ out.

We’ve included active DNA Defence & Repair Enzymes. This ingredient complex defends the DNA of your cells against free radical attack. Your cells are under threat when you’re exposed to UVA & UVB, Blue light and Pollution. After exposure the DNA enzymes kick start your natural repair mechanisms. Your DNA repair increases by 40% in 30 minutes, around 100 x faster than your skin could start to repair itself!

Why you’ll love this product…

For it’s great protection in a potent anti-oxidant formulation, to protect, care and repair your skin.

It’s a weightless coat of armour, totally undetectable. The perfect last step in your morning routine; there’s no oily residue, no white chalky residue, you won’t know you’re wearing it.

We haven’t added fragrance, we hate it when fragrance in SPF stings our eyes. Its non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) and its perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

It doubles as an exceptional makeup primer, keeping your makeup looking pristine all day.

Our 50ml product slips neatly into your pocket or bag. You’ll never get caught out by the sun again.

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