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You’ll love our after-sun repair mask

So many masks, so little time - but this one you can sleep in!

You can use it on your face, on the back of your hands, or anywhere else you've been kissed by the sun. 

The Repairing Nourishing Mask is a good all-rounder. I liken it to a faithful friend, who is always there for you. Will always do their best for you!

A lusciously rich & creamy texture

Masks are often overlooked. Often, we’re too busy to hang around for 10 minutes while they work they’re magic. Not this one. Its lusciously rich & creamy texture allows you to apply it like a traditional mask. Leave it to sink into your parched, sun kissed skin and work its magic.

You sleep - it works

You can leave it for the usual 10 minutes before rinsing off. But why do that when you can pop it on before bed and let it works its magic. You sleep - it works.

Perfect as an après sun solution

A quick rinse in the morning, you’ll feel the cocooning residue slip off you skin. Revealing nourished, hydrated skin. Perfect as an après sun solution.

Which ingredients are in my new BFF?

We use a combination of seaweed and micro algae to kick start the youth mechanisms of your skin.

Collagen production increases by 49% and Elastin by 68%. 

Brown Seaweed osmolytes are extracts of seaweed that keep the plant hydrated in the driest conditions. This hydrating ingredient does wonders for dehydrated skin and it prevents moisture loss by 30%. 

Finally, our Nourishing Complex – shea and avocado oils. Do exactly what the name suggests. Nourish!

There’s something very comforting about this mask. From the fragrance to the texture, right through to the results. 

But don’t keep it only for your face, neck and décolleté. It’s a wonder product for the back of your hands too. It instantly transforms your dry, over sanitised mitts. Use it the same way as you do on your face.

You’ll never look back.