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Unlock your skincare dreams

We know sunscreens are often incompatible with your make-up. We’ve been there too. Under a bullet proof layer of SPF, your make-up slides off by lunch time. Or maybe you’ve found that SPF has brought your skin up in spots? Or maybe SPF makes your eyes water?

You invest your hard-earned money into buying the best skincare products. You invest your time every morning and evening to apply your products. Are you going to undo your skincare aspirations this summer?

Your skin is vulnerable during the summer months. Don’t let your skincare investment go down the drain because of lack of protection in the sun.

Read on and find out how to avoid these pain points and why the SPF in your foundation isn’t giving you the protection you may think.

Other than the obvious, red, sore skin, sunburn goes further than being skin deep.

There’s nothing better than getting out into the sunshine. I know I feel better when the sun is shining. I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, the thought of Vitamin D being manifested within my body. But I have fair skin, I burn very easily.

As I said sunshine is important, it's not all bad. It helps produce Vitamin D, which is important for the growth of young bones and for prevention of osteoporosis of ‘older’ bones. While sunburn is uncomfortable (it makes me squirm when I see burned skin) it can also lead to skin cancer.

Skin cancer has been on the rise since the 1960’s.

Do you know that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK and cases have been on the rise since the 1960’s. It's often a hangover from childhood sun damage. So the message here, from me as a mum, is please take great care of your children or grandchildren’s skin during the summer.

From my perspective as a skincare expert (over 30 years in the skincare industry allows me expert status)! I understand that sun protection for your face comes with many pain points. Some of which are born from vanity, like make-up not sitting well over an SPF. Others are born from the need to keep your skin as safe as possible from changes in the DNA of your cells.

Past damage presents on your skin later in life.

Sunburn may be a thing of the past for many of us, but sadly past damage presents on your skin later in life and may include thickened skin, open pores, skin dehydration, lines and wrinkles (more than expression lines, we love to see laughter lines at Katherine Daniels)! and hyperpigmentation patches.

Our high-tech lifestyles also impact our skin, with blue light from smart technology having similar impact and presenting in similar ways to sun damage.

Pollution has a part to play too. Urban and rural pollution (pesticides, dust and animal gases) can cause the formation of hyper pigmentation marks.

How do you protect your skin from all of these things, which let’s face it are part of most people’s lifestyle.

You need an SPF which protects against UVA (ageing rays) and UVB (burning rays). You need to protect the DNA of your cells to keep them as safe as possible against mutation, which may lead to skin cancer. It would be great to stimulate the natural repair process of the cells DNA after exposure too (everyone's skin needs a helping hand)!

You’ll also need a product to protect your skin against the damage of blue light radiation.

Another to protect against pollution damage.

And wouldn’t it be nice if you weren’t left looking like a shiny, sweaty mess. That your make-up would sit beautifully over a well primed skin and last from day to night.

Enter… Daily DNA Defence SPF30.

It’s your final coat of skin armour. It’s weightless, totally undetectable. There’s no oily or white chalky residue. You won’t know you’re wearing it. It’s your skin’s guardian angel!


  • It’s so much more than a daily SPF.
  • It’s broad-spectrum protection for your skin (UVA & UVB).
  • It’s blue light neutralising and pollution protection.
  • It defends and repairs your cells DNA.
  • We haven’t added fragrance. Which often makes eyes sting or stream.
  • And it doubles as an exceptional make-up primer.

A photo-stable (won’t degrade in the sun) SPF30 packed full of active ingredients to help your skin and your skin cells stay well protected during exposure to the environment.

We haven’t added fragrance, we hate it when fragrance in SPF stings our eyes. It's non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) and it's perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Don’t just take our word for it. It’s a multi-award-winning product!


Find out more about Daily DNA Defence SPF30 here

Your foundation, your SPF.

Your foundation may have an SPF already added to it. But the chances are it only contains UVB protection. This will protect you from the burning rays. To protect your skin from UVA damage (the ageing rays) your foundation must state that it has UVA & UVB protection. Remember your investing a lot into your skin every day of the year, the chances are you’ll want to stay looking as young as possible for as long as possible!? Protect your skin form both UVA & B.

A good option is our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops, use on prepped (your am skincare regime) and primed (Daily DNA Defence SPF30) and your guaranteed, broad spectrum protection and a peachy skin finish every single da. Shop Pure Pigment Foundation Drops here.

What about SPF’s giving you spots?

The answer is this. Follow your daily skincare regime and use your SPF as your final coat of skin armour and you won’t get spots from your SPF. This does mean you need to find the perfect weightless formulation (er, hum! Daily DNA Defence SPF30).

Your skincare will take care of the needs of your skin. Your SPF will protect against UV, blue light, pollution and make the best make-up primer you’ll ever use.

If you're poolside, on holiday, take your skincare away with you and use it as you would every day at home.

Remember to cleanse your skin thoroughly.

Sweat contains bacteria, as does the oil in your skin. If you’re sweating in the heat you need to cleanse your skin morning and evening as usual. I love our Essential Miracle Cleansing Jelly for travelling. It doubles as a hydrating, nourishing, aftersun mask too. 

If you’re swimming and/or perspiring, re-apply your SPF every 2 hours.

If you’re at home going about your day-to-day life, our photostable formula will see you through the day.

Find out more about our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 here.

With love,

Kirsti x