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Summer Body Skincare

Summer body skincare doesn’t offer you miracles or potions and lotions to instantly turn you into an Instagram #beachbabe but it does promise a healthy, hydrated, smooth and supple skin which will feel fabulous, look great and give you a confidence boost. We also know that a healthy and hydrated skin will tan more easily, more evenly and will last longer.

Katherine Daniels is a professional brand offering a bespoke collection of face and body treatments that you can enjoy at a salon or spa near you. The Diet Kick Start Treatment will see you through the first 2 weeks of a healthy eating plan to help you loose maximum inches. The Drop a Dress Size Treatment will do, well exactly what is says, it will help you drop a dress size over a course of 4 weeks and both will bring vitality and strength to the areas of your body which quite frankly don’t see the light of day from one year to the next.

If, however you just want to know how to take care of your body skincare at home, its easily done with a little TLC. It really can go a long way.

Body skincare starts here: it’s time to exfoliate away dead skin cells to reveal a smooth soft skin. Ideally an all over body exfoliation once a week will keep your skin in great shape, it also allows the nurturing ingredients from other products to get into your skin and really makes a big difference.

Our Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator smells divine, it contains a blend of soothing, calming essential oils and the sea salt we use in our scrub type formula is different sizes to give you the most efficient exfoliation but in a gentle way. Find out more and watch our application tutorial here.

Once exfoliated your skin will need to be nourished, hydrated and even firmed, depending on your preferences. We have 2 products that will offer you all of these. Use them together on different areas of your body or pick the one to suit your needs.

Our Nourishing Hydrating Balm is a favourite amongst KD fans, rich but not heavy, its easy to massage into your skin and it keeps your skin soft and hydrated all day long. It smells divine too. I use this on holiday instead of an after-sun cream and always keep the travel size version of this in my handbag to use as a hand cream, your hands tell so many tales about your age!! Watch our application tutorial here.

Finally, if its skin firming that you’re after, go for our Firming Hydrating Cream. Its light, silky and smooths easily into your skin with no oily residue. Ideal for all over your body or keep it just for those areas that you want to firm; tops of arms, thighs etc. Watch our application tutorial here.

Skincare for the body really isn’t complicated but if this all sounds too much to contend with, pop into one of our friendly salons or spas and enjoy our Velvet Skin Treatment, which includes an invigorating scrub with our Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator followed by a application of one of our body creams to suit. You can then keep up the good work at home.

Find your closest Katherine Daniels salon or spa on our salon finder – click here.