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Real Results - My Skincare Journey

Beauty Therapist, Jade Burgess shares her skincare journey with you.

I have always suffered with hormonal breakouts along my jaw and across my chin

Spots, under skin congestion. Like everyone I longed for clear, healthy looking skin. The spots and congestion started to spread across my temples and forehead. I did what most young people do and brought products for acne and oily skin.

From 14 years old, I treated my skin for oiliness. Because I had spots and my skin was shiny across my cheeks. Little did I know I then, that I was completely mis-analysing the problem. I was making the problem worse.

I left college, a qualified Beauty Therapist

It was then that the real education of skin and skincare started.

A new job role landed me a place on the Katherine Daniels facial training course. The starting point for all qualified Beauty Therapist's who join a Katherine Daniels Professional salon.

My knowledge was challenged and elevated

I was lucky to be educated by the brand founders Kirsti & Donna. This is when my knowledge was challenged and then elevated. My skin would be changed forever.

How could I help others if I couldn’t help myself?

During the 1st day of the course I had the proverbial light bulb moment! I realised the relevance of what was being taught. I understood that I wasn’t helping my own skin problems, I was making it worse.

I was stripping my skin with products for oiliness. It always felt tight and quite uncomfortable. The spots kept on coming!

My skin started to change within days

By using the correct Katherine Daniels products, my skin started to change within days. Immediately it felt full of moisture, supple and comfortable. Such a different feeling to the usual tight, discomfort I was used to. The feeling of healthy hydrated skin was new to me. I had to get used to my skin feeling like this - feeling healthy!

I changed my skincare regime. I went from treating my skin for oiliness to treating it for dryness & dehydration.

From its worst to its best

It took only a couple of weeks for my skin to go from looking its worst to its best. This is the difference that Katherine Daniels can make. I still get the odd hormonal breakout. These are getting less. Now I get so many compliments about my own skin.

My skin now is bright, and it looks healthy. I do have some scarring from old spots, but I’m confident that these will keep fading with time because I’m looking after my skin correctly.

I love sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients

When I think about what would have happened to my skin without the correct advice and guidance. It fills me with horror. I can now share my knowledge and experience with my clients.

My advice to you

Please be bothered to look after your skin properly. Take professional advice about your skin. Realise if it’s not looking its best then you’ll need to change the way you look after it, and change the products you use.

Katherine Daniels has enriched my career as a Beauty Therapist. This brand has changed the way that I look at skin. The understanding that I have of skincare. The philosophy of Katherine Daniels has changed the way I treat my client’s skin. It’s changed the way I treat my own skin.

With Love

Jade x

 Jade's Katherine Daniels skincare prescription:

Essential Miracle Cleansing Jelly, Essential Exfoliating Gel, Total Skin Repair Concentrate (alternating with Rehydrating Concentrate), Sensitive Skin Cream & Repairing Nourishing Mask

For professional advice and salon treatments find your local Katherine Daniels stockist here or take our online skin analysis here