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Real Results – Get inspired: Watch your skin changing

The products you use must be pleasurable to apply. But let's face it the real test is the results you see and feel on your skin. 

1 product. 14 days. Let the challenge begin! 

Helen knows that following a consistent skincare routine is a big part of having a complexion to be proud of. She is one of the 'unlucky ones' whose skin is visibly affected by her hormones and her diet. 

Our 33 year old mum and business owner often sees her skin change week by week (for better or worse), some of which she has no control over. 

At the start of the 14 day trial we asked Helen: 'If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your skin?' 

Answer: 'Smoother, brighter, glowing skin.' 

Results in 14 days? Is this too good to be true?

'Because I use Katherine Daniels products, I know how good they are and how well my skin responds to them. 

But changing 1 product for just 14 days! I wasn't prepared how great and how quickly I'd see the change in my skin.'


Day 8 of the trial gave me my first 'wow' moment 

'My skin was looking brighter, smoother and blemishes were getting less, day by day! I have dark pigmentation on my cheeks (which came up during my pregnancy a number of years ago). This was getting less too.' 

Day 14 and your trial ended. What happened next?

'I am now into week 7 of using the Multi-Vitamin Concentrate. My skin looks and feels amazing. 

It's this look and feel which spurs me on to keep up a consistent routine each morning and evening. It inspires me to eat well. 

Skincare and diet in combination make my skin the healthiest and strongest. This means when my hormones play havoc, my skin does not respond so aggressively. Blemishes heal more quickly and without scarring. It's damage limitation which is supported fully by the Multi-Vitamin Concentrate.'

How close are you to your magic wand changes?

'I think my skin has improved massively. Blemishes and pigmentation have reduced, my skin looks more even in colour. I've noticed that the fine lines around my eyes are a lot less too. My skin is brighter, it looks healthy and it glows. I am very happy with the results.'

These photographs are of Helen who has continued to use Multi-Vitamin Concentrate - look at her skin after 7 weeks!

A word from our Co-founder Donna Tait

'We recommend using one of our Step 2 - Skin Boost Concentrates for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 3 months, before you switch to an alternative Katherine Daniels Concentrate. This gives you maximum product efficiency, without allowing your skin to get too accustomed to the key ingredients.'

Donna adds 'by alternating products your skin will get everything it needs to nurture and care for its basic needs. Doing this keeps your skin function at its highest level. Alternating products also means your skin doesn't get 'lazy' with ingredients. This keeps your results maximised.'

Helen's happy, we're happy. Could we make you happy?

If you need advice with your skin, book a 1-2-1 personal consultation at our Virtual Skin Bar with Katherine Daniels Co-founder, Donna Tait. With a professional skincare career which spans over 40 years, there's not a lot Donna doesn't know about skin and she knows everything about our products. Book your 20-minute consultation here.