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Real Results – Get Inspired: Sonja

Real Results with our skincare ‘reset’ test group 

We put the power of our products to the test. With a group of volunteer clients over a 56 day period. If these shots inspire you - read on...

Our aim

- To showcase the ability of Katherine Daniels products, coupled with expert advice.
- Guidance was given via our Virtual Skin Bar.
- Our newest launch the Treatment Boosts took front and centre stage.

This is the skincare journey of one of our group.

Name – Sonja Morris
Date of Birth – 26/07/1969

Virtual guidance, virtual help

Each client was guided over the 56 days by co-founder of Katherine Daniels (Donna Tait). Their skincare journey started with a consultation with the lady herself at our Virtual Skin Bar.

The caveat of the test…

Use only the products that we have prescribed. Use the products in the way we have recommended.

No salon treatments were given during the 56 day test period. The results are founded only on a twice daily homecare routine.

Starting her 56 day skincare reset test.

Sonja signed up the 56 day skincare reset test with the commitment ‘To use only the products prescribed and use them in the recommended way.’ She met at our Virtual skin Bar with Donna to carry out a virtual consultation. A bespoke skincare prescription and routine was prescribed.

Sonja checked in again at the Virtual Skin Bar after 1, 7, 21, 28, 35, 49 and 56 days. She photographed her skin each week.

Meet Sonja Morris.

I would describe my skin as healthy generally in good condition. But my current outdoor lifestyle and also my past love of sunbathing has challenged my skin. I have hyper-pigmentation in many areas across my face (not a matter of life or death). So, when I was invited to join the test group I thought ‘why not. If it doesn’t change my skin, I’ve lost nothing.’

I wasn’t prepared for how much better it would look during the reset test!

I’ve used Katherine Daniels products for the past 9 years. I’ve always taken advice from Skincare experts and I look after my skin. I thought I was doing the best I could, but this trial has shown me that I wasn’t as steadfast, organised or dedicated as I should or could have been.

I rarely suffer with break outs, although I do have the tell-tale signs of ageing. Not so many wrinkles, my skin ageing is seen as the dark pigmentation patches. But at 52 years I thought this is how my skin is, it could look worse. But I wasn’t prepared for how much better it would look during the reset test.

Tell us about your 1st Virtual Skin Bar Consultation?

It was a little daunting (for a few seconds). Donna put me at ease quickly. She’s a virtual encyclopaedia on skin! I learnt so much from her and continued to learn more from her at each Virtual Skin Bar session.

I’m already an avid fan of Katherine Daniels products. I’ve used the products for the past 9 years. Most of the products I was already using stayed the same. The way I used them was addressed. I needed to up my game to get the results that I wanted. I was also prescribed the Treatment Boost for Pigmentation & Dark Spots. Along with daily use of an SPF, the Daily DNA Defence SPF30

Did you have any reservations about the regime you were given or the products you were prescribed?

Not about the products, I know that this brand lives up to its promises. I was worried that my upgraded routine would take a long time and twice a day, but it really didn’t! Just a little longer to get superb results.

Meet Katherine Daniels Co-Founder; Donna Tait.

Just to mention that hyperpigmentation is part of your skin’s ageing process. Sometimes the damage is done decades before the marks are seen on your skin’s surface. Hyperpigmentation is also a symptom of vulnerable skin. Dark pigmentation is your skin’s pigment, called melanin. This has been over produced in certain areas as a way of your skin’s self-protection.

For many people I treat I would always begin treating pigmentation by strengthening their fragile, vulnerable skin. But because Sonja looks after her skin well, with the correct products, I was confident that we could now achieve great results on her pigmentation marks. I was happy to prescribe the products to treat her pigmentation marks.

Now it was up to Sonja: She had the products; she had the advice. 

I noticed the changes in my skin during week 2 of the test. I could see the differences this quickly. Even my husband commented on the changes! I was seriously impressed! The pigmentation marks looked like they were breaking up and fading. My skin was more even in colour it was more vibrant. All the results that I was told I could achieve, I was seeing.

As well as this my skin looked so much firmer, more youthful, even the tone of the skin on my neck was changing!

Week after week the improvements were visible.

It was this that made me stick to my new and improved skincare routine. Every morning and every evening. Without fail. Thanks to Donna I understood what was happening to my skin, how the products were working and why my skin was responding to the ingredients. It all made sense.

Would you recommend the Virtual Skin Bar to your friends?

YES! YES! YES! Don’t waste your time or money with products that don’t do what they promise. Get expert advice and learn how to help your skin. Get the correct products and you’ll never look back.


Sonja is proof that with the right advice and great products you can look more than fabulous for your age. Are you inspired to claim ‘better skin for life?’ 


Find out for yourself book your Virtual Skin Bar appointment here