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Nightly Sleep Treat Hand Treatment

Lockdown may be lifting meaning an increased use of hand sanitisers. Our mini hand treatment can be done from the comfort of your bed – time for lights out!

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Step 1 - Clean

Start this routine 10 minutes before you go to bed. Under warm running water wash your hands with a gentle soap or your favourite Katherine Daniels cleansing product. Avoid any harsh hand washing products.

Press dry with a clean towel.

Step 2 - Nurture

Using Nurturing Night Balm massage into the backs of your hands, palms and along each finger and thumb. Even your cuticles and lower arms will benefit from this product. Massage until no oily residue is left. (1 pump per hand)

Step 3 - Repair 

Using the Repairing Nourishing Mask apply a generous layer over the Nurturing Night Balm. To the back of each hand and along each finger and thumb. (20p piece per hand)

Step 4 - Absorb

Leave the Repairing Nourishing Mask to absorb into your skin, this may take up to 10 minutes. Leave the mask on overnight. You sleep, it works!

In the morning rinse your hands under warm water to remove any mask residue.

Step 5 - Nourish & Hydrate

To complete your hand ritual, use the Nourishing Hydrating Balm. Take it out with you and use it through the day to keep your hands, supple & protected.