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Real Results - Life changing skin transformation!

When your career is in public relations within the beauty industry, your appearance becomes part of your role.

Imagine having expert advice on tap. Multitudes of skincare products and regimes being offered to you, which you willingly try because you are so desperate for clear skin.

Imagine the disappointment when none of the advice and none of the products or regimes give you the results they promise. Imagine if the more you tried to improve the condition of your skin, the worse it got. This was exactly the position Tiffany was in before she started her Katherine Daniels skincare journey.

Meet Tiffany…

‘I developed cystic acne after swapping my hormonal contraception. What started as a few spots along my jawline, turned into countless red, angry, sore underlying bumps and spots covering both cheeks. It became so lumpy and red, no make-up could properly cover it.’

‘My thoughts were totally consumed by my skin.’

‘It was a constant search, which skincare treatments would help, which products would work for me, which make-up would cover, was someone staring at my spots when I was talking to them. I was embarrassed of the way I looked.’

‘Thinking back, I realise what a toll my skin condition took on my mental health.’

‘Finally, after another disappointing skincare recommendation of clarifying oils, foaming cleansers, glycolic acid serums and mattifying moisturisers. I took the plunge and went to a dermatologist for advice.

I left the dermatologist office with a prescription of oral antibiotics, a prescription of retinol and another for a benzyl peroxide facial wash.’

It’s here that we should have our ‘happy ever after’ ending. Sadly not!

Once she started her prescription regime, Tiffany’s entire face became dry, flaky, inflamed and sore. Without any improvement to her acne. The antibiotics improved the infection in the spots but as soon as she stopped taking them her skin was as bad as it was before.

‘My spots were as bad as before the course of antibiotics and now the rest of my skin was sensitive and red due to the retinol prescription.’

Even applying a moisturiser for sensitive skin would sting her skin.

‘My skin felt like it was on fire, it was burning.’

Intervention came from Katherine Daniels.

Tiffany’s work in beauty PR introduced her to Katherine Daniels brand Co-founders Kirsti and Donna.

She thought she’d tried everything possible (other than Isotretinoin). She had taken the best advice from the best doctors and facialists.

‘After three rounds of antibiotics and an incredibly expensive dermatologist, several chemical peels, tens of facials and a prescription of retinol. I thought I’d tried everything. I thought I was a lost cause. That my best bet would be to find a maximum coverage make-up so I could live with my skin, without feeling embarrassed or ugly.’

We were delighted that Tiffany gave us the opportunity to help her with her skin. She knew us and trusted us. Now we had to prove to her that keeping it simple really is the best way. It was our reputation and expertise stepping into the limelight. It was also the turn of our products to step up and do their best work.

Meet Donna, Co-founder of Katherine Daniels

Fortunately for Tiffany, she came to Katherine Daniels before she had done too much irreversible damage to her skin. But many years of pain and discomfort could have been avoided. The years of living with a skin issue, which caused distress and consumed so much of her time could have been easily remedied, with the correct advice, the correct products and regime.

Tiffany’s acne was a symptom of a change, an imbalance of her hormones. This happened with a change in hormonal contraception.

Like many other people, when it came to treating her skin, Tiffany had been advised to treat the symptoms. The symptoms in her case were the spots. This is why she used harsh, aggressive products and underwent harsh, aggressive skin treatments. A bid to rid her skin of the spots.

What she was doing was stripping her skin of moisture. She was damaging her skin barrier, allowing her skins vital oil and water to escape and allowing dirt to get in. Each day she was compounding the problem by preventing her skin from functioning properly.

The philosophy at Katherine Daniels is to treat your ‘Skin First and your Symptoms Second.’ This way we are sure that your skin is functioning as it should be, as nature intended. Secondary to this we target the symptoms of your skin, only then can we correct, repair and nurture your skin to give you the greatest results.

This is how we helped Tiffany get skin which she is proud to show off and not cover under a mask of foundation.

Tell us about your Virtual Skin Bar session with Donna.

Donna put me at ease immediately. For her to help me best I joined my Virtual Skin Bar session with no make-up on. After years beneath a mask of super thick foundation, this was stressful. After consultation, Donna explained to me that I was starving my skin of moisture by treating it so aggressively. That the lack of moisture, oil and other skin vitals was making my symptoms (the red angry skin, the lumps and spots) worse. Now I understood that I was creating my own skin problems, I began to believe that there was hope, that I could get real results.

Sceptical? Yep!

Donna created a skincare regime for me. To be honest at this point I was sceptical. How could such a simple at home skincare regime deliver the results which Donna was offering? But I had spent years being promised results and spent fortunes on complicated routines, prescriptions and hugely expensive skincare products. What did I have to lose?

Now it was up to Tiffany, she had the products. She had the advice.

‘Immediately my skin felt more comfortable and looked less angry. There was no more scrubbing and stripping my skin. It was now about giving back what my skin needs and allowing it the ability to function properly, protect itself and heal.’

Day by day comfort was restored.

After about 5 weeks there was a visible difference in the bumps under my skin. The bigger spots and cysts were reducing in size, my skin was less inflamed and less red.

After about 8 weeks my skin was so much clearer. I still had a few bumps under my skin and I had some hyperpigmentation over the scars left by previous blemishes. But I was over the moon.

Six months into my Katherine Daniels skincare regime and my skin was 80% better and it kept improving each week.

I am so happy with the results.

I never imagined the skin transformation which I have achieved. I’ve received so many compliments on my skin since using Katherine Daniels products. Before I would hear ‘ow that looks painful’ and ‘poor you’ and now I get ‘wow! I can’t believe the difference’ and ‘your skin is amazing’ or ‘are you sure you’re not wearing make-up.’

It has been such a confidence boost and I feel so grateful that I’m no longer ashamed of my skin.

Why was the Katherine Daniels experience different to previous skincare experiences for Tiffany.

‘With the knowledge shared by Donna, I understood why my skin looked as it did. I understood how to treat my skin. This encouraged me to be diligent and stick to the exact routine given to me. I only used the products which Donna recommended. These all worked together to give my skin the same message, no ingredients conflicted one another. Everything I used was from Katherine Daniels, I believe their products are unparalleled. It’s the best skincare I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a LOT!

How’s Tiffany’s skin looking these days, nearly two years after the start of her Katherine Daniels journey.

It is no longer red or sore. I have zero cysts or angry spots and it’s soft to touch. Yes, I get the occasional underlying bump along my chin, or hormonal spot and I do have some minor scarring from my acne, but nothing too noticeable. In fact I rarely wear foundation these days!

Would you recommend others join a Virtual Skin Bar session.

Yes! Anyone who uses skincare must make sure they are using the correct products. This will help you get the best results.

If you’re at your wits end with your skin or like me on the verge of giving up hope of clear skin. I urge you to book a Virtual Skin Bar session. The combination of expert advice and unbelievable Katherine Daniels products will help you.

I felt like I’d tried it all before, but Katherine Daniels blew me away. Their products do exactly what they say. It’s the best skincare I have ever used.

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