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How to fake a full 8-hour sleep

Let's be honest, some days you need to fake it, which is why we made you the Anti-Fatigue Mask. 

Are you ready for truly radiant skin in only 2 minutes with our salon strength glow getting Anti-Fatigue Mask - it's the ultimate quick fix for dull, tired skin. It boosts circulation and intercellular energy; revealing a luminous complexion in the same time it takes to clean your teeth!

You know that fatigue can wreak havoc on your skin, so we have developed a fast-acting antidote for YOU!

It leaves your skin looking gorgeously luminous, likes it's been lit from within. No telltale signs of working late to hit a deadline or having broken sleep through the night. And nobody would know you were 'getting down' on the dance floor till the wee small hours! 

Hydrated and plumped, your skin will look and feel smooth and velvety. Our mask envelops your skin in an elastic microfilm to lift, sculpt and firm your features, leaving your face feeling vibrant and energised. And... your secret is safe with us!!

This mask really doesn't hold back; think of it like an 'energy drink' for your skin, giving you seriously impressive results in just 2 minutes. Energised, your skin looks vibrant. 

2 Minutes’ we hear you say! Yep only 2 minutes, the same time it takes to clean your teeth.

Here’s how our miracle mask brings you radiant skin in a flash.

Thanks to the combination of salon strength ingredients, this mask packs a powerful punch.

Introducing our Hydra-Energising Marine Complex, it's rich in Vegetal Taurine (this ingredient is the ‘energiser’ in energy drinks). In your skin it boosts your cellular energy levels, which results in a hydrating flash (moisture surge) effect being pushed to your skin's surface. Also, Carrageenan from Red Algae. This ingredient is often used in food products like toothpaste, think how toothpaste coats your teeth in a safe, protective film. Carrageenan does the same for your skin. In short, our Hydra-Energising Marine Complex, instantly hydrates your skin and gives an anti-fatigue energising boost and creates an elastic microfilm, like shapewear for your face!

Marine Water, but not just any. Our source is enriched with minerals to revitalise and stimulate your skin. Starting its journey from the core of the earth, our marine water's journey ends on the French Island of Noirmoutier, heavily mineralised to bring immediate radiance, a glowing complexion.

And we use Oat Sugars and Sunflower Oil, a support act for our Hydra-Energising Marine Complex, to lift and sculpt your face. This along with a dewy skin finish is reminiscent of your skin but better!

If you’re not tired but want your make-up to look sublime before a big night out…

Anti-Fatigue Mask creates the ultimate canvas for flawless make-up.

You can use it as a revitalising pre make-up treatment, for a smooth and dewy skin, the perfect canvas for your foundation.

 It’s the glow that just keeps on giving!

I use this mask for both reasons. Pre make-up, because let’s face it who doesn’t love a compliment on their skin!? I use it when I’m exhausted and I need to fake a full 8-hours sleep. However, with regular use (2-3 times a week) our mask will act as an age defence treatment which boosts your cellular energy levels. In turn this supports the production of collagen, elastin, (the springy mattress of your skin) as well as skin hydrating hyaluronic acid. My skin has become firmer and stronger with regular use… and yours could too.

Pair our Anti-Fatigue Mask with our Instant Effect Eye Masks and you have a match made in heaven. A product duo which helps you look rested and serene, even if you're slightly stressed and exhausted!

With Love



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