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Hand care - A loving guide

Do you look at your hands and wish you could upgrade them? Could they be smoother? Softer? Less red? Are your hands telling tales about your age?  

Throughout the day your hands encounter different chemicals. They are exposed to hot and cold temperatures when you’re washing. They shiver as you try to get your keys in the front door. 

Throughout the day my fingers pound the keyboard, shuffle papers and search through folders. During the evening, they are busy preparing an evening meal; at weekends they are covered in chemicals from cleaning and dusting and during my down time they are sweaty from Pilates or lifting weights at the gym.  

It's fair to say our hands are working extremely hard and they too need some serious love and attention! 

Great news! We have a quick and easy hand treatment you can do at home, as many times a week as you need to, depending on how dry your skin is feeling. The best bit is you can use many of the products you already have from Katherine Daniels. We believe our products should be multi-tasking and work as hard as you do!  


Step 1 - Exfoliate 

Using Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator. Massage the product across the back of your hands, your palms and along each finger and thumb. You want a 5p piece worth of product per hand. This will lift away dry, dead cells and allow the products to work in a better way. This straight away will give you revitalised and softer skin! 

Step 2 - Remove 

Rinse under warm running water to remove the salt. Don’t use soap or handwash. The essential oils in the product will enhance the results of your treatment. Press dry with a clean towel.  

Step 3 - Nurture 

Using Nurturing Night Balm. Use one pump per hand of Nurturing Night Balm, massage into the backs of your hands, palms and along each finger and thumb. Even your cuticles will benefit from this product.  Massage until no oily residue is left. 

Step 4 - Repair 

Using Repairing Nourishing Mask.  Apply a generous layer over the Nurturing Night Balm, to on the back of each hand and along each finger and thumb. You want a 20p piece worth of product per hand.  

Step 5 - Cocoon 

Using cling film, wrap each hand (easier said than done with your second hand, but who cares what it looks like!). The purpose of this is to keep the product firmly on your skin. Leave for 10 minutes. Let all the goodness absorb into your hands and think of how fabulous you're going to feel with smooth and soft hands.  

Step 6 - Absorb 

Remove the cling film and leave the Repairing Nourishing Mask to absorb into your skin for 5 minutes. Then massage in the remaining mask. Rinse your hands under warm running water. Don’t use soap or handwash. Press dry with a clean towel. 

Step 7 - Nourish & Hydrate 

Using Nourishing Hydrating Balm. Massage into the back of your hands, your palms and along each finger and thumb. You want a 5p piece worth of product per hand. Remember your cuticles deserve love and care too. 

Step 8 - Admire  
You now have soft, smooth and simply delightful hands. Say 'well hello’ to beautiful, nourished and hydrated hands!  

Share your new hand care secrets with your besties and make sure to compliment their hands next time you see them! A compliment goes a long way. 

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Gentle Oil and Salt Exfoliator

Eliminate dry dull skin cells to reveal the new skin and a velvety soft feeling.

Nurturing Night Balm

Perfect if you love the texture of an oil but don’t like a greasy skin finish.

Repairing Nourishing Mask

Leaves your skin plump, soft, supple, hydrated and comforted.

Nourishing Hydrating Balm

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