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Get your glow, rehydrate your skin

Just a note… dehydrated skin is lacking in water. In this blog we describe water as either water or moisture. Don’t confuse Dehydrated skin with Dry skin which is lacking oil.

How does Rehydrating Cream work?

It promises to strengthen your skins barrier. This is the outer protection layer of your skin (it helps to keep good things in and bad things out). If your barrier function is intact then water can’t escape from your skin. It also rehydrates your skin from the inside out. It kicks starts your skins ability to produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other proteins that give your skin its density & suppleness.

Big promises indeed, let’s take a look at 3 of its 5 key ingredients:

Intelligent Aqua Bio Complex

Promises to increase the hydration levels in your skin by 44% in 7 days. It promises to defend your skin barrier for the next 72 hours.

We know that water loss from a damaged skin barrier allows valuable moisture to escape. This leaves your cells lacking energy, and they can’t function effectively. Toxins build up in dehydrated cells and don’t get flushed away. This leads to congestion under your skins surface (the lumps and bumps that annoyingly hang around your lower face).

Our Intelligent Aqua Bio Complex will flood your skin with moisture, to flush out congested cells. This releases the toxins and underlying congestion. It also allows the upper layers of your skin to store water.

Once hydrated your skin will produce more energy. Meaning it replaces the greyness of a dehydrated skin with a beautiful glow of good health.

Next up is…


In our skin (and bodies generally) we have a natural moisturising factor called hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for keeping your skin plump and hydrated.

- We're born with 100% of the Hyaluronic acid that we need. 
- By 40 years old we only have 50% available. 
- By 60 years old we only have 10% available. 

Therefore as we get older our skin runs the risk of being more dehydrated.

It’s important to be able to increase your cells ability to produce its own hyaluronic acid. A lot of skincare contains hyaluronic acid - this is good, but it won’t encourage your skin to produce its own.

HydraNov is algae which is enriched with potassium (skin that lacks potassium is often dehydrated). HydraNov traps water in your skins surface. It brings immediate and long-term effects. HydraNov can increase your own hyaluronic acid production by 211%. To keep your skin supple and translucent, giving you a glow of youth that you may have thought was lost forever!

And finally…

Flax Seed

Rich in sugars and proteins to give density to your skins structure. It supports the connection between your top skin layers (epidermis) and your 2nd layer (dermis).

Flax seed activates your cells that produce collagen and elastin. It maintains the amount of your natural hyaluronic acid levels in your skin.

You can see the importance of making sure your skin is functioning well. By doing this we can be sure that your skin makes the best use of the ingredients from our products. We help you to get a better functioning skin and 'better skin for life'.

And this is only 3 of the Rehydrating Cream's key ingredients!

When you use Rehydrating Cream, your skin will become; plump, smooth, refreshed, firm, radiant, and de-congested. With reduced pore size and reduced lines. We have formulated this product to have an oil free finish.

Look out for the next product ingredients de-coded - Rehydrating Concentrate coming soon!