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Flexi Cover, Flexi Colour

It’s time to reinvent everything you know about foundation.  

When it comes to foundation everyone’s cover and colour preference is unique. Have you found ‘the one,’ a foundation which ticks all your boxes? Or do you have a wish list for the perfect foundation, just like we did. Which is why we created Pure Pigment Foundation Drops.  

Are you looking for a light ‘CC Cream’ coverage which also gives you the option to cover broken capillaries, pigmentation or even redness? Or something medium weight which looks natural, like your skin but better. Do you want fuller coverage, a foundation look that still lets your skin glow, without a cakey, cement like finish? Have you searched the isles for a concealer which doesn't ‘fall into’ your skin, making you look older than you are? Or maybe all of these, for different occasions. 

Like us, are you fed up having to use 5+ make-up products simply to create all the weekday and weekend looks you want? From school run ‘I woke up like this’ look to a Monday morning meeting at work. Through Friday night out, Saturday afternoon shopping or a Sunday morning workout. Pure Pigment Foundation Drops has you covered, (er, literally)! And all from one make-up! 

    Meet our

    Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

    Long-lasting and comfortable to wear, your make-up will look fresh and glowing all day thanks to the nourishing oils. 

    Beautifully light and smooth in texture, this gives you a dewy youthful glow. The silky texture won’t ‘fall into’ wrinkles, fine lines or pores. Helping you to say goodbye to heavy, cakey looking foundation and ‘well hello’ to peachy looking skin.  

    Our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops are a true make-up, skincare hybrid. We know that some days you want a sheer coverage and some days you want a fuller coverage. Sometimes during the year, you need light and sometimes you need more colour. With our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops, you can have just that! Mix your Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to give you stunning and protected skin. And dial up or dial down foundation coverage by adding more drops of Pure Pigment Foundation Drops to your Daily DNA Defence SPF30. This also allows you to change the colour up and down between 2-3 shades. 

    Here's how...

    For a light coverage - Mix 30% Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with 70% Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to achieve a light coverage make-up look. 

    For a medium coverage - Mix 50% Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with 50% Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to achieve a medium coverage make-up look. 

    For fuller coverage - Mix 70% Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with 30% Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to achieve a fuller coverage make-up look.  

    Concealer – Use Pure Pigment Foundation Drops neat to concealer under the eyes and any imperfections. 

    Now choose your perfect shade.

    Request your Pure Pigment Foundation Drops sample pack here.

    Top tips for the best foundation finish! 

    Great make-up needs a great canvas and Katherine Daniels is a skincare brand foremost.  

    A shiny skin by mid-afternoon can be a sign of tiredness and/or a sign of skin dehydration, where the oil and water are escaping through open pores and a damaged skin barrier. The oil and water mixing with foundation gives a shiny skin.  

    We also know that make-up disappearing by mid-morning or going patchy by lunchtime is the result of being applied to poorly prepared skin. Your skin will take the moisture it needs from your make-up if it’s not being supplied by your skincare. This is why your make-up looks patchy and your skin feels tight and dry.  

    The Solution... 

    Make sure your skin is hydrated before putting on your make-up. Make sure you’re using your Step 2 - Skin Boost and Step 3 - Skin Defence products. By combining a great skincare routine with an incredible foundation, you will never look back. 

    If you need help with your skin and are looking for a skincare brand which delivers results. Join our Co-founder Donna Tait on a Virtual Skin Bar Consultation. Get 1-2-1 skincare advice. Donna has over 40 years' experience in the Skincare industry, there’s not a lot she doesn't know about skin and Donna knows everything about our products. 

    All you need is 20 minutes, a phone, tablet or laptop. Book your appointment here.