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Eye make-up removal at its best

Hu-Hum! 4 times Award Winning!

4 x Award Winning Essential Micellar Face and Eye Make-up Remover

We don’t like to brag (well maybe just a little)! Did you know our Salon strength make-up remover won the prestigious Beauty Bible Award for 2020? There’s good reason for it which is why it also ‘bagged’ a Beauty Shortlist Award for 3 consecutive years.

What makes this product so great?

We don’t think all micellar cleansing products are created equal. You need high quantity and top-quality micelles to create an award-winning product which is why our Essential Micellar Face & Eye Make-Up Remover is stand out.

What are Micelles? (we thought you’d ask)

They’re tiny molecules of oil which have a magnetic effect on make-up, dirt and debris on your skin. What’s more thanks to the positive and negative polarity between your skin and the micelles (think magnetic effect) none of your makeup, dirt and debris can transfer back into your skin. Clever huh!?
We created this product with no added fragrance. Thanks to this and together with Cornflower Water it’s ideal for the most sensitive of eyes and skins.
Witch Hazel soothes and purifies. Our moisturising complex restores hydration as well as your skin’s neutral pH balance.

How to get the best from your product...

A product with the quality of ours gives you great results. There’s no need to rub or scrub your eyes or your face to remove your makeup. The good news is this will help to prevent premature ageing of your delicate eye area.

How to use – Apply to 2 cotton pads.

For your eyes – hold the pads over your eyes and in contact with your lids and lashes for 30+ seconds. This will start to ‘melt’ your eye makeup. Then wipe away. Flip your pads over and repeat. Or you could use the flip side to start your face makeup removal. It’s that easy.

For your face - Use fresh pads. Repeat until the pads come away clean.

The versatility of this product means you can use it not only for eye make-up removal but for your face too!

If you’re too tired at the end of the day to do a full cleanse you can use this method while relaxing on the sofa. It’s not necessarily restricted to bathroom usage! 

It’s a great product to give you a refreshing skin cleanse post workout, or for a refreshing cleanse in the morning if you’re time poor.

It’s ideal to pack for week-end breaks when you want to take as few products as possible.

It’s the perfect make-up removal and skin cleansing solution after a late night out.

There’s no added fragrance, no parabens, mineral oils, sodium laurel sulphate, phthalates. Nothing suspicious to see here! And it’s not tested on animals.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Whatever your age, from your teens through to your 70’s, 80’s and every decade in between it’s great for the whole family.

I hope you agree this product deserves huge applause. You can’t argue with The Beauty Bible, it’s a winner!!