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Don't ditch the SPF this Winter

SPF – Sun Protection Factor and Skin Protection Factor

It’s the ultimate protection for your skin. It’s your skins final coat of armour for all weather conditions. Don’t think of it as a summer only product.

Each year there’s more talk of using an SPF during the summer months. You’re more exposed to the damaging effects of UV rays when it's sunny. More so when we are enjoying summer holidays at home in the garden or abroad and poolside. The message is loud and clear from reducing the risks of skin cancer, through to reducing general skin damage.  

Winter sun 

For all the reasons just mentioned. It makes sense that if you jet off for some winter sun (yep, we’re envious) you’d pack your SPF. 

Winter weather protection 

For those of us left at home this winter, an SPF is still a must use product. 

During the autumn and winter sunny days, your skin will be vulnerable against UV, which will penetrate cloud and reach your skin. 

The cold, wind and snow 

But do you know, the cold weather is as damaging for your skin as the sun. 

Those biting winds and the icy cold. Think how your skin looks and feels when you’re up against this. Cold, red in colour, dry and sore?  Winter walks with your family or dog walking before or after work. Your hands, body, head and feet are wrapped up snuggly. But what about your face? Unless your partial to balaclava wearing, I must guess your face and possibly your neck will be exposed to the coldest, most damaging elements of the winter weather? 

The best weather protection is sun protection

Which is why I advise keeping your Daily DNA SPF30 as part of your morning skincare routine. Making this product not only a Sun Protection Factor but the best Skin Protection Factor. 

I don’t go a day at work or a day out of work without wearing an SPF on my face, neck and décolleté. Come rain or shine. Deskside or poolside. Summer, spring, autumn, or winter.  I always wear our Daily DNA Defence SPF30. 

10 reasons why our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is the ultimate Skin Protection Factor. 

  • Protects against extreme weather conditions 
  • Advanced photo-ageing technology 
  • Protects against UVA & UVB 
  • Protects against blue light and pollution 
  • DNA defence and repair technology 
  • Transforms into an invisible veil – no white residue 
  • Non pore clogging 
  • No added fragrance 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin 
  • The best make-up primer (ever)! 

How to use Daily DNA Defence SPF30 in your skincare routine 

Nobody wants that extra layer of SPF to feel like a layer too much. Leaving your skin feeling tacky with a white residue. This is why we have formulated our Daily DNA Defence to be an ultra-light fluid. It transforms into a weightless and invisible veil, with no oily or white residue. You won’t know you’re wearing it. 

It works like a final coat of armour. Think of it as your weather protection. ‘Your winter coat’  

If it helps think of your skincare layers as layers of clothing.  

Let’s start to ‘dress’ your clean skin 

Step 2 - Skin Boost: this is your underwear. Keeping you in great shape. Your skin concentrate, serum and eye and lip products. 

Followed by Step 3 – Skin Defence Treatment Cream: this is your shirt and jumper. Giving you everything you need to look and feel great. 

And then your coat – Daily DNA Defence SPF30. Your final protective layer from the elements.  

Layering products gives you the ultimate skin protection 

Creating this layering system with your products gives you a boosted level of protection. Come rain or shine. It’s the ultimate weather protection for your skin.  

Did I mention that it’s the best make-up primer I’ve ever used? 

Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is much more than skin protection. It helps your foundation look smooth, your skin look flawless and keeps it like this all day or all night long. 

Making this product, not only a must have, but also great value for money.