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Defend Your Skin This Winter

An SPF is as important in the Winter as it is at all seasons, if not more so. Try to think of the 'S' in SPF as 'skin' protection, rather than ‘Sun’ protection. Our Daily DNA Defence will protect your skin from all elements that winter weather brings. Cold temperatures, wind, rain and snow. Whether you are walking the dog, cycling, swimming or skiing your skin needs protection.

How does cold weather affect the skin?

Think of it like this, in winter we layer our clothes. Underwear, day wear and outdoor clothes. The skin on our face has no protection. It is exposed. Therefore, if we don’t layer our skin care too, untold damage is occurring. It will appear as dehydration, dryness and sensitivity, initially. If unprotected, over time it will lead to broken capillaries, pigmentation, open pores and slackness of skin in later life.

Even if you are nice and cosy at home, or in a central heated office, your skin is still under attack. Central heating is full of pollutants. These pollutants attack and damage healthy skin cells - a major factor of premature ageing. Daily DNA Defence contains powerful antioxidants which will defend and repair your skins defence mechanisms. This prevents skin cells from dying (reactive oxidative stress).

What is blue light protection?

The more time we spend inside, due to shorter daylight hours and bad weather conditions, means the more exposure to High Energy Violet light (blue light) we have. Blue light is emitted from TVs, computers and smart devices. Research shows that skin is ageing quicker in generations who use smart technology, compared to those before us that didn’t have it. If you are exposed to HEVL (i.e. in front of a computer, phone or smart TV) for 8 hours a day, the skin damage is said to be equivalent to being in the midday sun for 10 minutes without protection. If you times this by 5 days per week and then 4 weeks per month – it is equivalent to being out in the sun for nearly half a day without protection!

UV protection

If you're lucky enough to be heading off for some winter sun, Daily DNA Defence will give you protection. It will protect against UVA (ageing rays), UVB (burning rays), blue light and pollution. It will also help prevent and repair damage caused by sun exposure. (ie Pigmentation, capillary damage, dehydration, dryness etc). Our Daily DNA Defence contains ingredients that will repair your skins DNA a hundred times faster than your own skin can. Using Daily DNA Defence on holiday is a must. For best results, your 1st application should be 15 minutes prior to sun exposure, then 15 minutes later apply a second layer. Then thereafter every 2 hours. Increase application if swimming or perspiring. UV protection will also apply if you are skiing. You will have UV from the sun as well as the reflection and glare from the snow. A handy pocket size bottle means that you can take Daily DNA anywhere.

The perfect primer

For those of you who need any more convincing to try this Multi-Tasking product, it will also work as the best make-up primer you will ever use. Weightless, non-oily and no residue means it will keep your make-up on all day long.

So ladies, don’t wait for the signs of time to catch up with you. Daily DNA Defence will allow you to live life to the fullest, regardless of sun or snow.

Defend your skin today, for better skin for life.

With love,
Kirsti & Donna