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Beating The January Blues

January is notoriously a tricky month to navigate - we’ve just finished weeks of partying, celebrating and over indulging and now, all of sudden, the festive magic is gone and the Christmas comedown is real.

Apart from ‘Dry January’ and the oh-so familiar detox, there are simple steps you can take to kick start the new year and lift your mood.

Declutter Your Life

Whether it's clothes you never wear or unwanted emails, getting rid of all the unnecessary items that have been cluttering up your life is certainly a great way to help clear your mind and allow you to feel organised and ready to face the year ahead. 

Commit To Life Admin

It is something we often put off or avoid, but getting on top of paying bills, household chores, personal banking and making appointments will leave you feeling more prepared and in control.  Putting aside a weekend dedicated to completing life admin can be an excellent way to achieve everything in a short space of time, giving you more time for the things you really enjoy.   

Plan A Getaway

According to research completed by, three quarters of people get excited just from researching where to go on holiday.  In fact, around 80% of people say that looking at pictures of potential destinations and beautiful accommodation makes them feel happy and excited. Therefore, it is no surprise that in today’s fast-paced and high-stress world holidays act as a kind of relief and break from the everyday stresses of modern life.  Even just a short weekend break can be the essential escape we need, so get researching!

Exercise More

Winter can often make us less motivated to exercise, but it's essential to keep moving if you want to boost your mood.  It is proven that physical activity causes chemical changes in the brain which can help boost mood and reduce mild depression and protect people against anxiety.  Exercise also helps encourage a better night’s sleep, making you feel brighter and more awake for the day ahead.

Get Outside

Sunlight boosts the amount of serotonin (the happy hormone) in the body. During the cold, winter months, the amount of serotonin in the body reduces because of the shorter days, so it’s really important to try and get as much sunlight as possible.  Even a 30 minute walk at lunchtime can help improve your mood and boost happiness levels.

Be Tech Smart

We know that a constant use of technology can negatively impact our mood and that it is important to avoid using our smart phone at least 90 minutes before bedtime.  Thus, now is a better time than any to kick the habit and commit to filling your time by reading a book, taking a relaxing bath or listening to music.  This will reduce feelings of anxiety, allow your mind to relax and help you have a better night’s sleep.

Following these positive steps will allow you to feel organised, healthy, happy and well rested; helping to further enhance your life and allow you to enter 2019 with an optimistic, determined and purposeful mindset. 


Note: Always seek professional help if you think you might be suffering from depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue.