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Discover Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

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Creating a skincare hero

Pure Pigment Foundation Drops have been one of our longest development projects.

But we found a manufacturer to help us create our perfect product. And we're pleased to say that everyone who has tried Pure Pigment Foundation Drops since its launch has fallen in love with the way their skin looks and feels when they wear it. They love how it lasts all day long.

Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

A make-up skincare hybrid; perfect for all ages. The dewy finish offers a youthful glow. The silky supple texture won't 'fall into' and accentuate lines or open pores. Say no to a cakey foundation finish, create peachy looking skin.

Use alone to conceal under eye shadows and imperfections or mix with your Katherine Daniels Daily DNA Defence SPF30, to personalise your foundation coverage.

How to use Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

As a Concealer: Apply a small amount with your fingertips, press into the area. Buff with your Katherine Daniels Concealer Brush to create a professional finish.

As a Foundation: Blend with your Daily DNA Defence SPF30. Apply with your Katherine Daniels Foundation Brush. Buff in small circular motions for an airbrushed finish. (This soft brush will become your make-up bag ‘secret weapon'.

Watch our application tutorial for more help.

Pure Pigment Foundation Drops Reviews

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