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Instant Effect Eye Masks

'I was so impressed with the improvement from just using one 20-minute application.'

Beauty Bible Awards Bronze Winner 2023 - Best Eye Treatment - Mask

Instant Effect Eye Masks

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4 pairs of eye masks in each box

The skin around your eyes becomes visibly bright, plump, smooth, hydrated and firm with a lifted look.

Proven to decrease lines by 41%
Proven to increase skin hydration by 56%

This salon strength, Instant Effect Eye Mask is activated right before you use it. You will experience results of freshly combined concentrated Sea Kelp and a Mineral Complex, saturated with hydra-boosting Hyaluronic Acid.

Your skin around the delicate eye area will look visibly luminous, plumped and smooth and will feel hydrated, firm and revitalised.

This superior anti-ageing eye mask delivers instant visible results after just one use, and sustained visible effectiveness if used two times per week.  

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Why we've made this product...

Our hyper effective eye masks are activated right before you use them. You’ll love the salon strength formula which delivers outstanding results in just 20 minutes!

The first signs of skin ageing often appears around your eyes. Your eye area is prone to dehydration, presenting as fine lines on your skin's surface. These lines are rehydrated as are deeper lines on mature skin. To reveal a plump, smooth, luminous and lifted finish to your whole eye area.

Instant Effect Eye Mask's are ideal for special occasions, when you want to look your very best, or for days when you have tired eyes when you need to fake a full 8 hours sleep. We’ve packed our eye masks with line lessening and moisturising complexes to make sure you’re not disappointed!

Or use them twice weekly (for 2 weeks) as an anti-ageing course of 4 eye treatments. This will increase the energy components in your cells to stimulate the production of your collagen and elastin. Your skin will become denser and firmer with less lines and more lift!

Why you'll love this product...

Our Instant Effect Masks are proven to decrease lines by 41% and increase skin hydration by 56%*.

Each pair of masks is packed in its own pod, easy to use and ready to be activated. When you release the moisturising cocktail onto the eye masks, you create the most effective product. Giving you the biggest and best results.

Leave the masks in contact with your skin for at least 20 minutes. Thanks to the perfect amount of activating cocktail, no product will run down your face! They’re designed to stay in place - no slipping. Kick back and relax while they work their magic, or keep on moving if time is of the essence.

*In use tests with n=20, SIT Skin Investigation & Technology, Hamburg, Germany.

Our Eye Masks stay active for over an hour, you can leave them on longer than 20 minutes or move them around. Other areas that will benefit are –your top eye lids, your top lip (or any rogue line or wrinkle!) aim for at least 20 minutes per area.

The skin around your eyes becomes visibly bright, plump and smooth. It will feel hydrated and firm with a lifted look.

And finally, because this is a product designed for your eye area we haven’t added any fragrance, making this product suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

There’s no parabens, mineral oils, sodium laurel sulphate or phthalates. Nothing suspicious to see here! It’s also not tested on animals.

One more thing...

How to use your Instant Effect Eye Masks

Apply to clean, dry skin as directed on the back of the eye mask pack, leave in place for at least 20 minutes, remove and gently press the remainder of the product into the skin around the eye area. Do not rinse.

Follow with your Katherine Daniels Multi-Tasking Eye & Lip Balm. Follow with your Katherine Daniels Multi-Tasking Eye & Lip Balm.

Watch our application tutorial for more help.