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Creating a skincare hero

Most of you have probably dabbled with a CC Cream over the years. A moisturiser base with colour pigment in it. It gives you a light coverage, great for the ‘seriously I woke up like this’ look. *Flicks her hair* However, for some of us CC Creams don’t give enough coverage, especially if you have a few broken capillaries, a bit of pigmentation, or redness to cover.  

The next step up from a CC Cream may be a light to medium coverage foundation, nice for workdays or Saturday shopping trips. And the step after light to medium is fuller or full coverage foundation. For some this is used on nights out or to cover skin concerns.   

We wear make-up to give us confidence. 

There are tens of thousands of foundation type products on the market. Some are great, some are mediocre and some create a mask like foundation finish. Some are cakey, making your skin feel taught and uncomfortable, falling into and accentuating lines and open pores. (The exact opposite of why you wear make-up). 

And there’s more!! 

Then there's your concealer to consider. Let’s face it faking a full 8-hour sleep is nothing new to most of us! And if you want everything to stay in place all day, you’ll probably need a make-up primer too. 

This got us thinking.  

The world probably doesn’t need another make-up primer, CC Cream, light, medium or full coverage foundation or another concealer and WE don’t want another product in our make-up bag… could we create 1 product to replace the 5 mentioned above?

It’s said that innovation is taking two (or more) things which already exist and putting them together to create something new. We created our wish list. 

Our New Product Development wish list.

With any new product, we start at the ‘end.’ What do we want this product to do for you. 

  • Give multiple coverage, for all the make-up looks, to replace (CC Cream, light, medium and full).
  • Be colour adapting. Change up and down between 2-3 shades. 
  • Be a concealer. 
  • Long wearing.
  • Give a dewy peachy skin finish.
  • Will not accentuate lines or open pores. 
  • Be supple and comfortable to wear. 
  • No dry, cakey skin finish. 
  • Protect the skin from UVA and UVB.
  • Be quick and easy to apply. 
  • Give a seamless airbrushed make-up look for everyone. 
  • Be suitable for all skin, even sensitive skin. 
  • Be appealing to all age groups. 
  • Be great value for money. 

Always wear sunscreen. 

To clarify, we mean sunscreen and not foundation with sunscreen in it. You need broad spectrum protection (UVA and UVB) a product which is applied evenly, including your neck, décolleté, back of neck and ears. While we’re at it, protection from blue light and pollution, all of which may be the precursor of skin burning, premature ageing and hyperpigmentation patches. 

Katherine Daniels has the best sunscreen, a multi-award-winning sunscreen. Our Daily DNA Defence SPF30, is also the best make-up primer, you’ll ever use. 

Take one existing skin hero and create the second one. 

So how about taking this existing skin hero and adding colour pigment to it, to create a coloured SPF. Good idea. But not good enough. This wouldn’t allow you to customise the cover and colour of your product. 

Our idea was starting to blossom! 

What if you could have the 2 elements of this concept separately?  

1. The Daily DNA Defence SPF30 

2. A pure coloured pigment.   

Meaning you can mix them as you need them and customise your colour and cover. Allowing you the ability to create all the looks you want to achieve. Taking away the need of 5+ products in your make-up kit. Now that’s multi-tasking!

We call this Flexi Cover & Flexi Colour.  

Our customisation concept was born. Now we had to fine tune it. 

Back to our wish list… 

  • Give multiple coverage, for all the make-up looks we want to replace (CC Cream, light, medium and full). Yes, it’s your make-up, your rule. Add pure pigment to your SPF and you’re in full control. 
  • Be colour adapting. Yes, add more SPF and it makes the colour lighter. Add more pure pigment and it's darker. 
  • Be a concealer. Yes, use it neat for a full coverage concealer, with an age defying, soft finish. Spherical powders, blur imperfections. 
  • Long wearing. Our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops are pure, the colour is rich and long lasting. 
  • Give a dewy peachy skin finish. Thanks to the nourishing oils, you create a supple, silky finish. Always peachy and never cakey. 
  • Will not accentuate lines or open pores. Your skin is prepped and primed, plumped and smoothed. Our Foundation & Concealer Brush will give a seamless, airbrushed finish. 
  • Be comfortable to wear. Yes, nourishing oils and Vitamin E make the product comfortable to wear. So comfortable, you don’t know you're wearing it. 
  • No dry, cakey skin finish. Even when used neat, Pure Pigment Foundation Drops are not dry and cakey. They are hydrating, nourishing and leave a supple skin finish. Always peachy and never cakey. 
  • Protect the skin from UVA and UVB. Your skin is fully protected by an application of Daily DNA Defence SPF30 before you apply your Pure Pigment Foundation Drops blend. This includes your neck, décolleté, back of neck, ears and of course the back of your hands. 
  • Be quick and easy to apply. Yes, thanks to our Foundation & Concealer Brush. 
  • Give a seamless airbrushed make-up look for everyone. Yes, thanks again to our Foundation & Concealer Brush, your make-up will look like it’s been applied by a professional make-up artist. 
  • Be suitable for sensitive skin. We’ve added no fragrance which may irritate sensitive skin. 
  • Be appealing to all age groups. There is a look for everyone from teens to our most glamorous grandmothers. 
  • Be great value for money. Yes, a little goes a long way. A dot is a lot! One tube will last you many months if you use it daily and many more if you use it occasionally. 

New product developments take years! 

This has been one of our longest development projects, (not mentioning the pandemic and how it slowed this project down). To be honest many manufacturers which we approached to help us create our perfect product thought our concept was a little, er, crazy!  

But we did find our perfect one and it's one we know and trust and have worked with for many years. They have helped us craft other bestselling Katherine Daniels products. You’re in great hands! 

I’m pleased to say that everyone who has tried Pure Pigment Foundation Drops since its launch has fallen in love with the way their skin looks and feels when they wear it. They love how it lasts all day long. For Donna and I that means one thing… 

Mission accomplished! 

Now to help you choose your perfect shade. Request your Pure Pigment Foundation Drops sample pack here.

Katherine Daniels is a skincare brand, foremost. 

For the past 10 years we have been helping the nation to have 'Better Skin for Life.' Which is why we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to ensure your skin is ready to help you have the best foundation finish of your life! 

Great make-up needs a good canvas. Katherine Daniels is a skincare brand foremost. We know that make-up which disappears by mid-morning or goes patchy by lunchtime is usually being applied to poorly prepared skin.  

Your skin will take the moisture it needs from your make-up if it’s not being supplied by your skincare. Leaving a patchy finish. Some make-up contains high amounts of water, which evaporates, again leaving patches of the pigment and parched looking uncovered skin everywhere else. 

Shiny skin by mid-afternoon, can be a sign of tiredness or it’s a sign of skin dehydration where the oil and water is escaping through open pores and a damaged skin barrier. The oil and water mixing with foundation gives a shiny skin by mid-afternoon coffee break. 

If you combine a great skincare regime with an incredible foundation product, you will never look back. This is why every review we’ve received for this collection of products is 5 stars. 

Virtual Skin Bar.

If you need help with your skin or are looking for a skincare brand which delivers results. Don’t go it alone. Guessing is an expensive game!  

We invite you to join Co-founder Donna Tait at a Virtual Skin Bar appointment. It's your chance to get a 1-2-1 personal skin consultation with a lady who has over 40 years professional skincare experience. There’s not a lot she doesn’t know about skin and she knows everything about our products. 

All you need is 20 minutes, a phone, tablet or laptop.  

You can book your appointment here. 

With love,

Kirsti x