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Wax Melts - Enchanting, Uplifting, Mysterious

Wax Melts - Enchanting, Uplifting, Mysterious

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Our Wax Melts fill your home or workspace with a veil of exquisite fragrance. 

Enchanting, Uplifting, Mysterious

The enchanting warm woody notes of exotic oud. Laced with the softest, sweet floral notes of sandalwood. This fragrance is mysterious and feminine.

Choose this if you love a pretty, feminine fragrance. Its clean, sweet scent will fill your home with an enchanting Arabic veil. The mystery of this exotic fragrance is working out why you love it so much!!


Includes 3 x Wax Melts of Enchanting, Uplifting, Mysterious

Our wax melts are vegan society approved. We use a complex combination of rape seed, flax seed, castor oil, coconut & olive oil. We don't use paraffin, palm oil or beeswax.

Each wax melt has at least a 20 hour (fragrance release) burn time. 


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