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Satin Sleep Mask

Satin Sleep Mask

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Our beautiful satin backed sleep masks are as practical as they are beautiful. Your sleep mask comes in a matching dust bag.

Just choose your colour from the drop down below, you have the choice of:

  • Blue Floral

  • Hot Pink Floral

  • Cream Floral

  • Mint Blossom

  • Pink Floral


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Why you'll love this product...

We know that quality sleep is essential which is why our Satin Sleep Masks have been designed to block out the light for a deeper, uninterrupted sleep allowing you to wake up refreshed and revitalised.

The biggest dilemma you'll have is to pick your favourite colour - there are 5 to choose from!

Each mask comes in a matching dust bag, meaning you can keep it clean and dust-free when you aren't using it. Also making it travel friendly!

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