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Katherine Daniels - Heartwood Candle

Katherine Daniels - Heartwood Candle

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Katherine Daniels brings you the Heartwood candle. The captivating, rich and powerful fragrance of Oud creates a sophisticated fragrance for all year round.

100% natural wax candle with a burn time of 40 hours. Packaged in a beautiful rose gold tin with our limited-edition print, hand poured in the UK.

Contains Beeswax.

Tax included.

"The fragrance of this candle transports me through the 4 seasons of the year. The top notes reminds me of enjoying the outdoors during the Spring. The middle notes are Summer through to Autumn. Juicy Mediterranean fruits, combined with the sweeter, richer fragrance of Autumnal fruit. Finally, the base note of Oud is seductive, woody & aromatic. The envelopment of warmth that is welcome in winter and the memory of winter holidays in the Middle East."

Kirsti Shuba – Katherine Daniels, Co-Founder

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