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Skincare through your early teens

In association with The British Beauty Council and British Beauty Week (5th-11th September). We are proud to present our live event hosted by Skincare Expert and Katherine Daniels Co-founder Donna Tait.

We're calling for all teenagers to join us for 45 minutes of expert skincare advice, myth busting and demonstrations.

Register below for our event on Friday 9th September at 6.00pm.

Hosted by Katherine Daniels Co-Founder, Donna Tait. With over 40 years of industry expertise behind her (and 4 grown up children) she’s been through the ups and downs of teenage skin. Donna knows what works and what doesn’t. (Frankly she’s seen it all and heard every excuse from her teenagers)!

Donna will talk about:

  • Skin types, flaky dry skin, oily skin, open pores, rough texture.
  • About spots and blackheads and how to keep them to a minimum.
  • How to nurture healthy skin.
  • How to create a complexion to be proud of, not one you want to cover in a mask of make-up.

We’ll be myth busting too:

  • Does toothpaste work to zap spots?
  • Is it true that a spot will come back if you don't squeeze it until it bleeds?
  • Is mineral make-up pure enough to sleep in?
  • And many more questions like that! ​

With a demonstration provided live by 12-year-old Kitty. Kitty knows first-hand that a simple but consistent skincare routine is a must if you want a clear complexion. That ‘one-two miss a few’ doesn’t give you great looking skin. She also knows that a complicated routine using many products is unnecessary.

And it's free to join, so book now!