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What a great night but don’t even think about sleeping in your makeup! Whatever’s on your skin needs to come off.

There’s likely to be more makeup on your skin than usual, especially if you topped up during the night too. If you’re wearing a long wear foundation, it’s even more important to be thorough in your cleanse as it’s sweat and water resistant.

Dancing the Night Away

If you’ve been dancing, you’ve been feeling hotter than normal. Therefore your skin sweats to cool you down. However, it contains lots of bacteria. Makeup or no makeup, we need to get that bacteria off. Double the trouble if you are wearing makeup as the bacteria will be trapped underneath.

Feet pounding, tiredness peaking, it’s all too tempting to head straight to bed, but think on...

‘All good things come to those who take their makeup off before bed’.

It takes 2 minutes to take your makeup off. I know that when you’re exhausted it’s tempting not to bother, but your skin will thank you in the morning.

No party skincare blog would be complete without a ‘party makeup’ removal hack. So here it is…

Makeup Removal

You can jump into bed and cleanse your skin with this first method. All you need is:

The Micellar in bed route will need all 8 cotton pads, as remember you need to keep wiping until the pads come away clean.

Once cleansed apply a generous layer of Total Skin Repair Concentrate. You can apply it to your face, neck and décolleté, your eye contour and over your lips. It has hydrating and oxygenating properties for your (quite likely) dehydrated and tired skin. It’s packed full of powerful anti-ageing ingredients. It’s also rich in vitamin C and many other much needed antioxidants to help rescue your face.

We’ve also included an ingredient called ‘Skinsensyl’ which is designed to help calm and sooth your skin. It strengthens your skin but will also help to reduce any redness.

Skin Redness and Toxins

Alcohol can make your skin flush after the first few sips. It can also leave your skin looking red in the morning. This is due to a reaction between enzymes in your skin and the toxins in alcohol. Your skins microcirculation becomes dilated. This may leave tiny red capillaries on your cheeks and chest more visible the next morning. Our Total Skin Repair Concentrate will help to ease these signs of the night before.

The Double Cleanse

The thing is this, yes you can remove your makeup completely whilst in bed with your Essential Micellar Face & Eye Makeup Remover. But it will take you as long (if not longer) to do it this way than it would to Double cleanse your skin at the sink.

You will find that double cleansing is most definitely the best way to remove your makeup and clean your skin. It ensures your skin looks its very best the next morning.

Try our Miracle Cleansing Jelly for your cleanse, which is especially good for removing long wear makeup. To get the most efficient removal in the quickest time, try our Micro Cloths. Super soft and super quick. I wouldn’t be without mine. Made from long weave micro fibres, you’ll never go back to cotton cloths once you’ve tried them.

Repeat again for that double cleanse, fresh face feel. Then follow with Total Skin Repair Concentrate to beat that redness.

The Morning After

Smug - er yes! Soft supple skin – you’ve got it!

If you had a few cocktails the night before, your skin may look a little dehydrated in the morning. Don’t panic. You’ll need lots of water and anti-oxidant rich fruit and veg. Feed your skin too with our Repairing Nourishing Mask.

Apply a generous layer onto your morning cleansed skin. Then snuggle up for a Christmas movie because as you rest and recuperate, the mask will be working its magic. It will boost natural levels of oil to your dry skin. You can leave it on as long as you like – your skin will be left supple, nourished and hydrated.

There will be no signs of the night before!

With Love
Kirsti x

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