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As skincare experts with over 65 years experience in the professional beauty industry, we are always asked our advice and we’d love to share our knowledge and experience with you all.

We always want to see the results that our incredible treatments and products are able to give. We’re so happy when we’re sent before and after photos from our clients, like these ones from Freya:

However, unless you’re treating your skin to suit your correct skin type and skin condition, you’ll never get the results that you want.

What’s the difference between your skin type and your skin condition?

Your skin type is determined by your genetics. Your skin will either under or over produce oil - this means your skin type is either dry or oily.  

Your skin condition varies depending on your lifestyle, environment and climate. These include dehydration (lack of water), sensitivity and the ageing process (lines, wrinkles & pigmentation marks).

Do you have open pores? These are often a sign of dehydration, especially if your pores are grey at their base. This greyness within many pores may give your skin a dull, almost grey appearance. Do you have high colour, redness? This is a sign of sensitive issues.

Your stress levels play a big part in how your skin looks and feels, as does your general health. Skin problems are often a symptom of what is happening within your body. A holistic approach to beautiful skin is a must. This includes diet and sleep patterns, as well as a check on your stress levels.

So, which skin type do I have?

Nearly 90% of people don’t know what skin type they have – 90%! That’s huge. This means that only 10% of skincare purchases are made by informed choice and 90% of purchases are a guess! 

This got us thinking here at Katherine Daniels HQ. How can we help you to make the correct choices for your skin? We joined forces with some super clever tech guys and together over the past year we’ve developed our NEW Skin Analysis Tool. Its fair to say we’re pretty chuffed with it!

Where to check my skin type?

Our Skin Analysis Tool will take you through some questions about your skin, how you look after it, how it looks and feels. It even helps you easily answer by showing pictures of your choices. Completing the questions will allow us to create a prescription for you, to ensure you’re using the right skincare.

You could also use our great network of Katherine Daniels therapists and have your skin analysed. They will be able to recommend facial treatments which are ideal for your skin type and its condition. They will also be able to prescribe a simple and effective daily regime. This will help your skin reach (and stay in) top condition. Find a Katherine Daniels therapist near you on our salon finder.

Can your skin type change as you age?

No, it doesn’t change, your skin will always have the tendency that nature intended. However as your skins function naturally slows down over the years, you may find that your once dry skin can become even drier, or your oily skin starts to become less oily. 

What will change are your skin conditions. For example, a dry skin type is more prone to sensitive issues. 

As you age it’s more important than ever to take the best care of your skin, and even invest in a course of facial treatments - if you haven’t done so before. By doing this, and using Katherine Daniels products at home, you will encourage your skin function to work more effectively - which is important. When your skin is functioning well, the ingredients in the products are more powerful because the skin can utilise them. A Katherine Daniels skincare regime will take your skin through a journey to achieve better skin for life.

Avoid expensive mistakes

We’ve all done it. We all have products that we’ve brought home from a shopping trip or excitedly ripped the packaging off when it was delivered, only to feel disappointment. Maybe it wasn’t right for your skin type and it ended up in the bin. It doesn’t have to be like this! Help is always on hand from either...

  • Our Katherine Daniels therapists who can analyse your skin and work their magic. You can chat through your needs and what you want to achieve.
  • Or you can head over to our Skin Analysis Tool. Answer the questions and generate your own Katherine Daniels prescription.

We hope your skincare purchases from now on will only bring you happiness and results like Freya's. 

With love from

Kirsti & Donna